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Given the choice between being entertained by music in various forms and settings, or listen to the subtle sounds and silence of nature, in nearly all cases I will choose the latter. Muzak and other dime-a-dozen sound pollution is not for me, and a per­form­ance / repro­duction has to be well above average to attract me.

Despite the fact that I love the sound of nature's silence – or maybe because of it, I have played one or another instrument since I was ten years old. Intend to continue playing my favored instruments for a few more years, or for as long as I can make them sound good enough for comfort.

I have yet to find an instrument that can't be made to sound well/right in certain settings by a good musician, so plenty to choose amongst. My choice is a somewhat heavy string instrument with wide range and unique and captivating sound – when played well.

pedal steel guitar

Having pedals (and knee levers) for tone-pitch changes of individual strings, and being fretted, or “steeled”, with a bar, the Pedal Steel Guitar is very accurately named. It is pretty easy to play “something” on this instrument, but demanding perfect coordi­nation of hands, feet, eyes, ears and mind, it is one of the hardest and most unforgiving when it comes to learn to play well.

Falsely being closely linked to Country Music in most people's minds, the Pedal Steel Guitar is one of the most versatile string-instruments ever invented. What one wants to play on a Pedal Steel Guitar is only limited by skill-level and imagination.

I started playing Pedal Steel Guitar some 35 years ago, and can't regard myself as highly skilled. I have never set aside enough time for practicing to get above average even in my best moments, but I can get good tone.

Now I am for the most part satisfied with having developed my own style, tunings and music-range over the years, and am trying to keep up practicing and playing for my own enjoyment.

Although a Pedal Steel Guitar can be played through all kinds of electronic effect units, and most players use some effects, I personally prefer the pure, natural, string-sound. So much playable inherent body-tone (timbre) in my favorite Pedal Steel Guitar that I don't feel like masking it in any way. I do use selected effects for specific tunes and occasions though.


Good music, regardless of whether I play myself or listen to others, can be more relieving than a whole box of pain-killers or whatever else people use. Having to listen to not so good music … is painful no matter what.

Good music can in certain situations cause mood-changes that are not always understood by others, but I think that's an acceptable side-effect. Many have problems understanding my attraction to nature's silence too, and I have long since given up on trying to explain.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 11.mar.2011
last rev: 21.jun.2020

side notes:

30 year old and showroom ready…

example A Dekley D10 – acquired by me in early 2011, is a perfect example of how well this particular Pedal Steel Guitar brand were made. And, having been kept in its case for 30 years (because the previous owner gave up on learning to play it for whatever reason) it is in showroom ready condition not only in how it looks but also in how it sounds.

(04.may.2016)In late 2015 I dismantled the C6 neck, and rearranged the E9 neck to my very own “Extended E” tuning – more or less like the S10 steel below.

35 year old and battle-scared…

example A Dekley S10 that has been played hard and thrown around for 35+ years, by me. Heavily modified for improved sustain and expanded pedal-action, and tuned like no other.
Of the 5 old and new Pedal Steel Guitars I own, this old Dekley S10 is my favorite.

Much more about my old Dekley pedal steel guitars and surrounding equipment, can be found in the addendum below. advice upgrade advice upgrade navigation