some call it…

…music city USA.

My traveling-companion found walking around amongst all the bars and shops in old buildings along Broadway quite interesting, and he took lots of pictures. He even bought some stuff to bring home as solid proof he had been in Nashville.

Rainy day in Nashville, but not so much water coming down that it bothered two sightseeing Norwegians.

The wet weather did make me snap fewer pictures than I normally would, but to be honest: not all that much worth seeing from street-level in the area.

Station Inn.

Almost came to late to see and hear The Time Jumpers. The place was packed this Monday in September.
Good music and a cold beer in a warm atmosphere, to end a near‐perfect day in Music City, USA.

Tommy White on steel this Monday night, which was nice since I hadn't seen him play live before. Most inspiring.

just passing by.

We were on our way from the International Steel Guitar Convention back down to my place in Florida, visiting friends and seeing places on our way down and took things more or less as they came. I've been in Nashville before, but for my friend it was a first and he enjoyed it very much.

The only thing I had planned beforehand was the evening at Station Inn with The Time Jumpers. That was a first for me, and hopefully not the last time I see that group.

To make sure I have mentioned it: our main purpose for being in the area was to visit a friend in Gallatin. That we did, and enjoyed every minute of it.

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