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That headline might do as a compact description, but is probably too short to make sense to most visitors. Have to come up with some­thing slightly more elaborate.
OK, here we go…

Analog electronics since 1963, higher voltages (~40KV) since 1973, mecha­tronic automa­tion/​IT since 1979, on the web since 1996, active in web design/​develop­ment at least since 2002.

Now semi-retired technocrat, acting as farm-assistant and whatever else he finds it somewhat useful to spend time on. The problem is to find time to spend.

profes­sional trouble­shooter.

Can't really remember when it all started, but problem-solving has been an impor­tant ingre­dient in all posi­tions held through­out his career. Solving exis­ting problems and finding working solu­tions to get around new problems, can be quite satis­fying and rewarding.

He doesn't seek problems in need of solutions as eagerly as he once did. May have grown a wee bit tired of the process involved over the years, mostly the part involving humans and their many bugs and peculi­ari­ties. Easier to focus enti­rely on technology.

The web still from time to time produces a few problems worth solving, even if these also almost always involve those trouble­some human beings. Thus, he is looking forward to a few more years with inter­es­ting chal­lenges in the fields of web design and web development.

so far so good.

Pragmatism, deter­mination, and a solid dose of good luck, has helped him over­come many problems and reached many goals over the years. He hasn't made up his mind if it makes sense to reach all that many more goals in the years remaining.
He doesn't have high thoughts of “free fare through life“ though, so he is likely to come up with a few more goals worth aiming for – just for the fun of it if nothing else.

In later years he has taken up an old hobby: making music. In par­ti­cular playing the pedal steel guitar.
The goal is realistic, in that he wants to get back into his comfort-zone which is to play at about the level he did a decade or so ago.

Will take time, as there are no substitutes for practicing, practicing and more practicing to master this peculiar instrument. But, the journey to get there is of course half the fun, and it is an excellent excuse for traveling the world to look and listen for inspi­ra­tion, and to play.

It is to his advantage that he isn't afraid of failing. Failures serve their purpose as corrections on route to improved solu­tions, and it is part of his philo­sophy that one can, and indeed must, continue to learn from both suc­ces­ses and failures if one wants to reach goals worth reaching and live a life worth living.

A success/failure rate of 1/100 would be ideal, so it may be seen as a complete failure that his rate seems to be closer to 1/20. He defi­ni­tely got to do some­thing about that … must find time to make more mistakes.

more personally.

I was born in 1953 – a very good year they say. Thus, I am slightly past my first youth, and have a way to go to reach my second.
Unless I choke on a pizza, or something of that nature in the not too distant future, I may at least be around long enough to mess up fill up this site to a reasonable level with stuff of my own making. As usual in these days and age: no guarantees.

No matter what; I like it here, and given time I will make something out of this site. I don't pay attention to trends, so I will populate this site with stuff I am genuinely interested in. Others may find some of it interesting too – or so I hope.

sincerely  georg; sign

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