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In case you didn't know…

“You are under no obligation to be the same person you were a year, month, or even 15 minutes ago. You have the right to grow.
No apologies.”
(source unknown)

having a change of mind

As far back as I can remember – 60 years or so as of now, I have allowed myself to change my mind on whatever subject that crosses my mind, whenever relevant conditions change.

Nowaday I have taken this “freedom to change” a little further, in that I allow myself to change my mind, and action, related to whatever, whenever it makes sense to me to do so, which means I do not have to wait for some outside factors to manifest themselves.

May sound like I'm unreliable, but it isn't about that. “Unpredictable” is a better description, and there's much freedom in being unpredictable – even to myself.

One may of course ask why anyone should bother trying to predict anything about me, but – strangely enough – now and then some actually do.

Well, whatever reasons anyone has for trying to predict my future thoughts and actions, its their problem, not mine.

goals change

Whatever goals I may have had yesterday, have very little to do with what goals – if any – I will have tomorrow. Apart from that I sometimes have to deal with a few practical issues – like making travel­plans and such – it doesn't make sense to set goals and make plans for the future.

What I sometimes list up to myself for my future, are options, as it may be good to know what my options may be in various situations. Whether or not I end up in this or that situation, is neither known nor important, and new options may pop up later. Thus, planning in details for particular future scenarios, simply doesn't make sense.

I cannot say what may make sense to me tomorrow. Nothing much outside my local sphere may change from one day to another, but my insight into and knowledge about what goes on around me will have been updated several times in 24 hours. One or more of those updates may affect my decisions.

all by myself (almost)

Some may say I am having an attitude problem. But, if that's a “problem” it isn't mine, and my wife isn't complaining (too much) either. Seems like Gunlaug like having a partner that isn't governed by set society rules and the ongoing rat-race to the bottom – ensures freedom for her too.

Taking things as they come without bothering with how I am supposed to handle them, definitely has its advantages. Even more so when there's no-one to answer to but myself.
Guess I can not blame anyone but myself either then…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 08.nov.2015
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