facts ultimately lead to truth

… even when its ugly.

Facts do not always match what is presented as truth in media and elsewhere, or what is written in law­books. This simple fact should be obvious to every­one, but we humans are so indoc­tri­nated by leaders and opinion-builders that we often find it hard to trust facts that do not fall in line with what we have been told and over time (may) have come to believe in.

Nowadays it is almost illegal to go in search of actual facts behind any story, especially if the results of such searchs may end up disturbing status quo for those in power. Facts are suppressed as if the lives of those in power depended on keeping the masses ignorant – which they probably do.

There's of course nothing new in that, as those in power have always suppressed access to what they concider to be inconveniant facts. Access to facts they do not want us to know about, must be prohibited in order to protect them and the “truth” they preach via their obedient and “proof-protected” channels.

So be it; they can not change facts even if they use all their might to curb the spread of knowledge about them. All they achieve in the long run, is loss of credibility and respect for their laws – all of which is pretty low already.

achieving consensus is no goal.

We should all know that facts don't waver the slightest, regardless of size and might of any opposition. In short: facts are not voted on, or determined by concensus.

Facts are there for us as individuals to discover, and act on as we desire, once we get past all the obstacles and false teaching.

As individuals we may not be able to go far enough in depth to uncover all facts that may matter to us in our lives, but that doesn't mean we should let anyone keep us from trying. We are after all most likely a lot better at figuring out the facts that make a difference in our lives, than those who pretend to do it on our behalf.

interesting activity.

Fact-finding is actually the only activity I find worthwhile in life, and there's no chance I'll run out of facts to find and study in my lifetime. There's also an entire universe to check up on when I at times get tired of looking for facts behind everyday political and economic exploitation.

for your leisure…

Looking into these things sure beats solving crossword puzzles.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 20.oct.2015
last rev: 23.oct.2015

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