shades of light in the sky…

and all looks good, from a distance.

Makes sense to look for the good things, and try not to let all else life has to offer make too much of an impres­sion. A solid dose of prag­ma­tism makes it easier to focus on what is impor­tant in life and get some­thing worth­while done.

That was the slightly philo­so­phi­cal intro. Now onto what this site is all about.

content oriented

This site was launched on 19.January.2011, because its author found he needed more virtual work­space and play­ground. Expansion on the web is easy when you're a pro­fes­sio­nal web developer, they say…

I do at least pretend to be be a pro­fes­sio­nal web developer, with advanced CSS combos as a spe­ci­alty. So, with that in mind, every­thing across this site should work exactly as inten­ded … most of the time.

Present design serves only one purpose, and that is to carry suitable chunks of content of mainly four cate­go­ries…

… through to visitors without distrac­ting or obscuring.

To achieve this I have kept basic visual design simple, with clear sepa­ra­tion between content‐blocks. This allows for visual effects where wanted and/or needed, without running the risk of having content drowning in effects.

site navi­gation

Navigation is in the page footer – initially “below the fold” on most screens. In-page link on right side in page header – last in tab-order, is for skipping to navigation. Same with the “pop-up on hover” tail of that link at the very bottom of your browser window.
On smart­phone screens (single column), the fixed, click­able circle in lower right corner acts as “skip to navigation” link.Index” and “Table of Contents” pages are spread around on top in the various levels and site-sections. These “complete menu” pages are always at hand via navigation in page footer.

Structure and design is tailored for a wide range of screen sizes, from mobile phones and devices, to the largest high-reso­lution stationary monitors. This makes the chosen form for navigation the most sensible one.
Browsers that support print-styles are served the minimum neces­sary for printing on A4 sheets, with­out navi­ga­tion of course.

I won't comment more on the design and func­tion­ality here. If you can see it you can make up your own mind about it, and its simp­li­city should make further expla­na­tions unnecessary.
If on the other hand you cannot see it clearly or at all, you are never­the­less most welcome. This site is struc­tured and popu­lated espe­ci­ally for you.

the author's domain…

In order to carry any meaning beyond looks on flat screens, content – primarily written content – must flow into and out of a web site. Thus, is entirely the author's domain and res­ponsi­bility.

Writing meaningful articles on any of my preferred subjects, does of course take time. I don't intend to populate this site by copying or reitera­ting stuff from the sister‐site or any other places, so every combi­na­tion of words that forms para­graphs obviously has to be put together from scratch.

Time for producing content is some­thing I do not always have in abun­dance, so articles may stay on my mind a little longer and not make it into this site as quickly as I would like. Note also that English is my third language, which makes writing slightly more time consuming.
And, that pretty much sums up my excuses for being short on content yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Only about 330 pages released on this site as pr. August 2023.

This is a one man project from one end to the other, and it will stay that way as long as I can handle a keyboard. Still got a few Giga­Bytes of writing in me, I think, and some of it will eventually end up on this site.

Being a playground for web design solu­tions as much as for sharing infor­mation, thoughts and experiences, any­thing that crosses my mind may end up being released here.

sincerely  georg; sign

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