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reporting browser failures?

If a browser misbehaves and/or won't render as it should, do not report to me. I do not participate in coding of any browser, and around here my hobby is to destroy them.

Cut it short and report directly to relevant browser vendors, so I don't have to waste precious time doing so.

seriously  georg; sign

side notes.

nutty test cases and whatnot.

Don't know if you ended up here by mistake or not, but be warned: this is the absolute madhouse on gunlaug.com.

Good search engines stay out of this site‐section. Mainly because I have told them to but also because of the confusing mixture of content. Nothing has to make sense here, and if it does it is most likely not my fault.

I don't present “fancy CSS” stuff, and most test/demo cases in this site‐section are made only to act as memory refreshes for myself and for sharing ideas with individual web developers around the world. These test/demo cases are therefore rarely ever made complete enough to be of much use to beginners, which is why I don't want them to end up in search engines.

Only a few cases are actually indexed here, and those that are may not be listed all that long. Those who know what files to look for will find them anyway, and those who don't probably should not try to go further into my madhouse for fear of their own sanity.

still to come.

  • The IE disappearing act. (reappeared in IE10)
  • How to kill a Gecko.
  • The lost WebKit.
  • The loony Opera phantom. (Opera switched engine)

It is all about finding workarounds for and using/abusing browser bugs and built‐in “features”. No stone will be left unturned in my quest to find new ways to break new browsers.


Making designs work was so much more fun in the days when old IE6 reigned, so of course all (us) insane web designers want IE6 to return in force…
save IE6!

Without IE6, we would only be able to charge less than half the money for creating cross browser compatible websites. IE6 is good for business, and will help us get through this crisis!
– Rick @ Save-IE6 Petition buzz

IE6 is probably the best cure for boredom among front-end coders ever invented. Pity it didn't last.
signed: Molly 'the cat' Why so serious?

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