the TSGA Jamboree 2018

one of those mem­o­ra­ble times.

Of all those who filled the grand ballroom at the Sheraton DFW Hotel on Saturday March 10 2018, I bet the majority would write down as main reason for being present that they wanted to hear and see Lloyd Green – Mr. Nashville Sound – play live. And, I cannot imagine anyone leaving the show unsatisfied.

As video recordings aren't allowed at these shows, and it is damn hard to describe top-class musical performances in details, I settle for pictures from some of the performances I was present at.

at the big stage…

Chuck Back

Dag Wolf & Egil Skjelnes

Billy Robinson

Billy Robinson
August 6, 1931 — October 15, 2021

Frank Carter

some more…

Rose Sinclair

Rose Sinclair received the Player Of The Year award. Well deserved.

Tommy Dodd

Thomas Clayton Dodd
March 14, 1949 — December 4, 2020

Lloyd Green & Jaydee Maness

Lloyd Green & Jaydee Maness

same as last year?

After having been at a number of these shows in Dallas, I have pretty much had my fill and needed a very special reason for going this year. Lloyd Green's name on the program was what it took to make me take the trip. Haven't met Lloyd since back in –91, in Drammen, Norway, and could not let this chance pass me by.

Gunlaug doesn't appreciate these shows as much as I do, so she spent less time in the grand ballroom than I did. She does however have an ear for Lloyd Green's playing, and sure did not mind being present when he was on stage. Receiving his person­alized autograph added to the experience.

sincerely  georg; sign

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