the TSGA Jamboree 2017

… the 33rd annual steel guitar show.

Visiting this show again now in March 2017 – for the fifth time, and I wasn't at all disap­pointed.

As usual at such shows I carried cameras with me, but I was more occupied with soaking up sounds and impressions and talking to people than with taking pictures. Anyway, here follows a very small selection – more or less in the sequence they were taken.

Jr. Knight

Mike Sweeney

Mike Sigler

Jay Dee Maness

Ronnie Miller

Doug Jernigan

Larry Toliver, Doug Jernigan, & Steve Palousek

Sarah Jory

… as mentioned: I wasn't at all disap­pointed by the on-stage performances.

so much more than music

Plenty going on outside the main concert-hall, and I spent at least as much time walking around and talking to people – both friends and complete strangers – as listening to the ongoing concert.

The opportunity to check out some of the goods presented by the many vendors, is one reason for visiting such a show. I bought a Telonics speaker to test out in my Peavey NV112 amp, a Sarno “FreeLoader” high-impedance buffer, and some parts for my steels. Also brought a couple of CDs home with me.

As for testing, I found a new EXCEL (E9) steel guitar quite playable and well-sound­ing when run through my (reference) Boss LMB-3 buffer. Very interesting, and very light, con­struc­tion. Wouldn't mind having one of those steels.

I also performed quick-tests of a few combo-amps and effect units from various vendors. All good stuff, but nothing about them to advance them into my all but empty wish lists. Unless something breaks beyond repair I don't really neither want nor need much more than I already got in my pretty basic sound-chains.

sincerely  georg; sign

Weeki Wachee 20.mar.2017
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