TSGA Jamboree 2013

… another weekend in Dallas

Third year for me at the jamboree, and I think I have become a bit less occupied with taking pictures of everything. Only about 150 takes this time, and only a few of them ended up on this webpage.

Starting with an overview of the main stage. Mike Johnson playing when this picture was taken.

Following up with a close‐up of Bobby Bowman as he started the regular show on Friday morning. Good to see, and hear, that Bobby was in better health than last year.
(update: 22.may.2015) Bobby Bowman died of leu­ke­mia the year after, on 13.july.2014.

David Hartley has a playing style I like, and performed excellently backed up by John Stannard and the band.
(update: 08.apr.2016) John Stannard died 22.august.2015.

Good playing and good sound all the way through the show, and pretty full house – especially in the evenings.

“free sessions”

Mickey Adams and Ruth Iseli-Dahler (from Switzerland) performed on the main stage on Thursday. Something different to kick off the show to a good start.

The non pedal players – The Rick Alexander Non Pedal Sessions – performed in the Chagall Room at the mezzanine level, Friday and Saturday. Shows both days was streamed live over the internet to all interested.

vendors everywhere

Vendor boots in every nook and cranny over 2 floors, presenting and selling just about everything any steel guitar player and/or music lover would ever want and need.
Even I found something to bring home with me – see top of sidenotes.

time out

Got to eat and drink now and then, and I prefer the One14 sportsbar at the Sheraton DFW Airport Hotel. Informal and relaxed atmosphere, just the way I like it.

People went outside to smoke, or to make/​take phone calls. The “smoking lounges” up front and along the side of the hotel was frequently visited by many, including me.

to get there and back

This year I took the long route from Central Florida to Dallas, TX, via Gallatin, TN, to see friends. Freezing cold in Tennessee with maybe half an inch of snow at most coming down in the Gallatin area Tuesday evening. Roads were OK the entire way though.

The route back to Florida was more direct South‐East. Took nearly 23 hours to get home – including cat‐naps, trailing the wet and windy weather that had passed Dallas during the weekend. I like driving at night, but wet roads make it somewhat less pleasant and more tiring.

Had planned to be present at Florida Steel Guitar Club's monthly jam today (13.march.2013), but found I was simply too tired to take the trip. Maybe next month…

sincerely  georg; sign

Weeki Wachee 13.mar.2013
16.mar.2013 - added "notes" in addendum.
22.may.2015 - updated about Bobby Bowman.
08.apr.2016 - updated about John Stannard
26.sep.2023 - update and repair
last rev: 26.sep.2023

side notes.

getting stuff

Bought an Earth Drive boost/​overdrive unit from Brad Sarno. Think I can find uses for it once I get it cabled right in my equipment setups.

Can also find use for the Strobo Plus HD I bought. It will make it a little easier to check up on the various tunings I use on my steel guitars in noisy environments, and much easier to exchange tuning data with players who don't note down real frequencies.

I prefer a regular tuning fork – in “A” – for tuning my steel guitars. It is not well suited for tuning data exchanges though.

Michael Yahl supplied me with some knee levers and pull‐rods for my Dekleys. Need to get E9 copedent on the Double 10 I have in Florida more in line with the modified Single 10 I have in Norway, as it is a bit problematic to switch between tunings every time I cross the pond.

player schedule.

"Free Session" with Bobby Bowman and Charles Tilley, Thursday evening from 6pm to midnight.

1. session - Friday 2. session - Saturday 3. session - Saturday evening 4. session - Sunday

As usual at these events, not everything went exactly to plan, and schedules pictured above – copied directly from the TSGA Jamboree page 2013 – are not entirely correct. Pretty close though.


ill 1 ill 2
ill 3 ill 4 ill 5 ill 6 ill 7 ill 8 ill 9

Performances on main stage and elsewhere.
A few more, and larger, pictures in the addendum.

cold and windy outside

What seemed to be the last bad weather for the winter, passed Texas during the event. Not extremely cold and not all that much rain, but enough wind to keep the flags flying high.

Parking spaces around the hotel was pretty well filled up while the jamboree lasted. And come Sunday evening it was pretty empty. Sign of a well‐visited show.

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