the Vivaldi browser

is starting to impress.

Just another browser in a sea of browsers, but one that seems to have that little extra. Been a while since I have seen such a well thought-out and easy to use browser fill my screens.

That it is so new and still a bit incomplete – been testing Vivaldi 1.11 and earlier versions, makes what has already been put together and released all that more impressive. It can only get better.

progress, and nostalgia

Vivaldi is a browser with provisions for power-users, and I have missed such a browser for years now. Have grown tired of browsers that cannot do this and cannot do that, and that become sluggish and start failing with only a few tabs open.

As one who quite often opens 2-3 dozen tabs in a browser, Vivaldi comes out strong and is easy and quick to work with. Reminds me of old Opera (on Presto) in many ways – which seems to be the intention, although Vivaldi is based on Blink (same as Chrome, Opera and quite a few others) – which pretty much eliminates any compat­i­bility issues.

Clearly quite a few details that must be included and/or ironed out, for Vivaldi to fully deliver on all its promises. Looks like the people behind it have plans in place that align well with what I want though, so I can wait a little longer for the full package.

future looks brighter

I like what I have seen so far, and the future online definitely looks brighter with the arrival of this new browser.

That Vivaldi may stay a minority browser forever, doesn't bother me. It already solves most tasks better than the majority browsers I have on my machines, so who cares about user-numbers.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 10.aug.2017
last rev: 14.aug.2017

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