the Vivaldi browser

continues to impress.

My last article on the subject is dated 10.aug.2017, when Vivaldi was just another new Chromium based browser in a sea of browsers based on the same engine. After having used Vivaldi up to and including ver: 3.3.2022.45, time has come to write some more about this browser. Vivaldi has really grown over the years, and has turned into some­thing quite unique.

By now this capable piece of soft­ware has taken the place as main browser on my devices, and has served me well over the last couple of years. Chances are Vivaldi will keep the lead posi­tion for the fore­see­able future, based mainly on how its interface and options work for me.
In the “privacy” and “security” depart­ments Vivaldi is as close to perfect for the job as they come these days, which is very much appre­ci­ated at my end.

others have noticed too…

Vivaldi bucks the browser trend by abso­lu­tely stuf­fing in features and custom­iza­tion options that power users will love. — Forbes: Google Chrome: Three Rival Browsers That Put It To Shame

Couldn't have said it better myself. I have found Vivaldi to fit the bill better than any of the other browsers I have tested in later years, and being stuffed with options most certainly hasn't hurt its standing.
In daily use Vivaldi reminds me quite a bit of the dis­con­tinued Opera on Presto, which isn't surprising since the CEO behind Vivaldi was behind Opera too back when that browser worked its way past the pack.

By now Vivaldi is so cus­tom­iz­able that it for the most part satisfy all my needs in a browser, and the team behind it keeps on devel­oping and adding poten­ti­ally useful options to it. Makes it easy to stick with it, and see where it goes.

Pity some browsers have no choice but to sail under “false flags” to avoid being blocked/​locked out from sites that have unjust and unfounded browser pre­fer­ences built in. Browser sniffing does no good these days…

NB: some browsers have user­Agent strings which identify them as other browsers: examples are Brave (all versions) & Vivaldi (version 2.10+). Browser News

relaxed on the subject…

I am pretty relaxed about what browser to use, as long as it ful­fills my needs and does not force me to do things in ways that do not suit me. I have my habits, and need a whole bunch of seri­ously good reasons if I am to change any of them.

Being insen­si­tive to trends as well as trend­setters, “brand names” and “popu­larity” are totally irrel­e­vant para­meters when I'm in search of soft­ware and/​or hard­ware for my own use.

With Vivaldi it is “so far so good” in nearly all depart­ments, and that will do for me until it's no longer true. Not many browsers have come that far over the years, and only a selected few have stayed there for long.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 15.sep.2020
last rev: 15.sep.2020

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