slimming down

for X-mas

This is about web design, so my personal weight isn't an issue. More interesting to know what the code behind this page weighs in at.

Despite what the image above shows, I do not check the code-weight every week. More like once a year or so, and the seasonal connection is totally accidental this time.

sound code-weight

Markup-minimalism is kind of a pet topic of mine, and it goes well with what­ever else I happen to come up with to spice up my online activi­ties these days. My goal is to include enough markup to carry the content and navi­ga­tion logically and orderly, but not much more.

No matter how the markup is generated, it makes sense to check that it doesn't grow and becomes too verbose over time. Unnecessary elements and element-nesting are just that – unnecessary, and should be cut back on wher­ever possible.

Styles is another matter entirely. Although “compact and efficient” style­sheets is a great goal, there is less to gain from cutting back too hard on code there.

As I use this site to develop solutions and play around with just about anything one can possibly put into a style­sheet, their size and numbers keep growing. No slim-down plans for those stylesheets on the table for this site, but work on them do lead to the creation of more compact and efficient style­sheets for other projects.


Nothing ever was perfect from the very begining, and there are no other constants in web design than that constant improvements do pay off in the long run. Visually it may all seem well and done, but behind the surface there will always be plenty to improve on on any site.

There's a simple reason behind my decision not to fall down on this or that particular solution in web development, as whatever solution I'd choose it will only be good for, maybe, another six months or so.
That would provide me with just enough time to publish some super­latives about what­ever it is, before replacing it with something entirely different that is assumed to work better … and round and round it goes.
There are better ways to waste time.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 21.nov.2016
last rev: 23.nov.2016

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