sketchbook v.6

revisiting an old flip-over.

I styled a simplified “fat footer” for this site in May 2015, as replacement for the very complex one I implemented when this site was new back in 2011. While doing so I also found the time to redo the old sketchbook from 2012, that time and a pretty convoluted old footer structure have made pretty unportable and therefore rather useless.

I am not much for reinventing the wheel every time I want to achieve something in web design. I am also not much for throwing stuff away because it is outdated. Everything gets old and outdated given enough time, but with a thorough clean-up and some polishing it can be made to last a few more years.

So, with the simplified footer structure in place, the old sketchbook stylesheet was stripped down, and the whole thing turned into a much more portable solution – more like my slideshow but built differently. Still only gotten to version:.6 though.

I don't have any new content for the sketchbook on this page – pretty much all is copied from the older page, and text is updated for this version. That should be quite acceptable when the sole purpose is to show a concept.


All is described on sheet 9 and 10 in the sketchbook below. Therefore no need to write much about it here. The “flip-over sketchbook” works in today's browsers on big screens, and I have not styled anything but the basic layout for small screens.

A warning: my solution may be seen as “lousy handywork”, as I exploit HTML elements in ways that may not be quite standard. The fact that the W3C Markup Validation Service accepts it as HTML5 last time I checked, doesn't mean much in this context.

I must admit that I am still not quite happy with what can be done with simple HTML and CSS alone across the board in browser-land. It is not for me to worry about though.

sincerely  georg; sign

Weeki Wachee 23.may.2015
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