my choice of browser

or what I want for surfing.

Even without most “alternative browsers” in there, the picture still looks as much like a mess as it did ten years ago.

With all of today's browsers being built around derivates of the same two rendering engines – Gecko and WebKit, resulting in mostly insig­nifi­cant rendering differ­ences between browsers, we are mainly left with choosing between inter­faces.

Finding a browser that can be easily tailored to individual wants and needs – one without missing or weak functionality and uncor­rect­able garbage in the package, is what it is all about.
This “find a browser that works” challenge can be harder than one might think … or, maybe, I'm just a difficult customer.

At point after point browser after browser failed the challenges I presented them with. Some dropped out early in the “race” and some dropped out later, and if I'm really critical not a single one of them have crossed the finish-line, yet. Not that I really expected them to…

personal preferences.

My personal preferences do of course come before anything that any browser vendor has ever come up with, so the most important point on my wishlist is easy access to “off-switches” for everything I happen not to like in a browser.

I don't mind add-ons in browsers – always have a selected few in mine, but basic functionality should be built into the browser itself and not rely on extensions.

I am always aware of the potensial for getting Wiperware on my computers, either via the browser itself or via extensions. Gets deleted on suspicion regardless of what it takes to get rid of it.

No secret that my pref­er­ences are shaped by the user-friendly interface on the classic Opera built on the Presto engine.
Latest version (12.18) is in regular use as test-plat­form.

Even without support it suits me better than most browsers available today.

landing on…

Opera (on Blink) will probably be my main surfing-tool for a while. Vivaldi already is a sharp contender for that position though, and getting sharper by each version release.
The other candidates occupy niche positions for the time being, given jobs my main browsers are not the best at yet.

None of these browsers deliver all I want, but for now they are close enough for comfort.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 24.aug.2016
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