adblockers counting up

where there are no ads.

Deactivated a couple of adblocker extensions today, as they were observed to count blocked adver­tice­ments on pages/​sites that con­tained abso­lu­tely no ads or references to any. Not a very trust­worthy beha­vior in my view, and it does not help that they could not even repeat the same count when revi­si­ting the same page/​site. What are adblockers actually counting and blocking when there are no ads?

Why adblockers announce false posi­tives might be inter­esting to know. Is the soft­ware really that flawed and buggy? Are they pushing users to upgrade to “better” versions? Are they trying to demon­strate how “effi­ci­ent” the soft­ware is? Are they competing for my atten­tion? Is all the before men­tio­ned at play at once? This can become seri­ously com­pli­cated seri­ously fast.

But, in the end it doesn't matter why they fail. Such high numbers of false posi­tives where there should be zero, zilch, null, nothing to react on, just mean these adblock exten­sions have no justi­fi­ca­tions for being used here, there, or any­where. Deacti­va­tion is then of course only the first step to remedy the issue at my end.

How do I know there were no ads in the parti­cular pages/​sites these adblockers claimed to block huge numbers of ads on? Well, they are my pages/​sites, and I am in total control of every piece of code and content in them. The only reason for not observing this issue earlier, is that I usu­ally set adblockers to not act on my own sites since I obviously don't need them there.

browser extensions

Not many exten­sions in use in my favo­rite browser, and even fewer from now on. uBlock plus

Most issues with surfing the web are taken care of by the browser itself, but a few exten­sions come handy. Makes the on-line part of my life so much easier … as long as the software does what it is supposed to,and not more.

Vivaldi comes with built-in adblocker, but out of habit I like to have one of those as extension. uBlock plus seems to fit the bill – with no strange behavior, and I hope that lasts. Not the time to sort out more browser extensions.


When something like this is observed, there is no point in com­plai­ning to any­one. It is not like a crappy browser exten­sion ruins the day or cause any major problems, it is just so very irri­ta­ting when soft­ware doesn't live up to expec­tation.

Writing a note about the failures for future reference, and carry on with­out the impli­ca­ted pieces of soft­ware, will do just fine in most cases.
This is such a note.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 17.sep.2020
last rev: 17.sep.2020

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