local elections

and other trivi­ali­ties.

On Sunday September 10th, and Monday 11th, 2023, we are sup­posed to elect new local poli­tical repre­sen­ta­tives for the next four years in our counties and muni­ci­pa­li­ties here in Norway*. Not sure why, but, my wife and I will of course play our parts in “the game” this time too, same as during every local and national elec­tion in the past.

Cost of living has been rising in Norway over the last year or so, and the value of the Norwegian Kroner (NKR) is quite low*. Families on lower incomes are strug­gling to make ends meet, even in a wealthy country like ours.
Personally; we do not like the present eco­nomic situa­tion, but have no problems coping with it.

Other than that democracy isn't held very high by the aut­hori­ties – elected or not, there isn't much to report from the national arena.

limited activity…

For various reasons – not least the quite pain­ful after-effects of last year's down­turn – I have not been very active lately. No big deal really, as what needs to be done around our place, gets done. All else can wait.

Also; we have not noticed any negative “climate change (or other) effects” on the weather in our area. We only get to observe those on TV and via other media.
Others may not have been so lucky, as the heavier than usual rain, mainly in South-Eastern parts of Norway, caused flooding, mud­slides, and quite a bit of damage to infra­struc­ture, busi­nes­ses, and pri­vate pro­per­ties in many areas.
Widespread evac­u­a­tions to safer grounds for a few days as water­levels rose in rivers and lakes, but no lives lost so far*. More of the same weather is expected to cause local problems across our nation, over the coming days and weeks.

reporting done…

With all that goes on else­where in the world, I'll keep my reporting short. Nobody needs to be told by me how they are doing, and most have plenty enough with their own problems.

(11.sep.2023) We have done our part in the local elec­tion. Now we can only wait and see who will repre­sent us for the next four years.

(21.sep.2023) The local results are in*, and confirmed.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 21.aug.2023
last rev: 21.sep.2023

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