light shines through

at another cup of coffee.

Now and then I wonder what bothers people around the world, and if any of it will change, or improve, if I let it bother me. Usually I end up concluding that it won't, and that having another cup of coffee while checking the latest news and views from around the world and my fields of interest, is what makes most sense. Should come as no sur­prise that I drink quite a few cups of coffee in a day … and often way into the night.

So, what goes on in people's lives and minds around the world does not bother me all that much, mainly because it is neither my business nor some­thing I can do any­thing about even if I wanted to. Thus, I could as well do what most people do and not think twice about it, but, that would not play well with who I am, or who I want to be.

It may not be my business – according to myself or others, but there are lots of things I am far from happy with going on in the world. Most are things that do not make it to the MSM in their true forms, and there­fore may pass unnoticed by the masses and cause real and serious damage on a larger scale. Such things may be worth some serious thoughts over a cup of coffee on my part, even if that is all I can, and for the most part want to, do with them.

being pushed to get involved…

All kinds of people, parties, groups and insti­tu­tions, are pushing for the need to get involved … in what­ever … all the time. That we are close to an elec­tion in my country these days, does not reduce the amount and inten­sity of irra­tional, de­gene­rated, party poli­ti­cal, semi-reli­gi­ous, or totally aim­less pres­sure to get involved on this or that side of the present and future insanity. Yeah, right…
You know how to spot when politicians and other power-hungry people are put­ting us on, don't you?
~ Their lips are moving.

Those who openly choose not to get involved … in what­ever, run the risk of being excluded from totally unre­lated areas by those who are so very strongly involved in what matters to them that they can hardly breathe without making pro­vo­ca­tive noises for fear of missing out on their very important involve­ments. What matters is to be involved, you know.

Sounds confusing? Right, but don't mention that to those who are deeply involved in this or that cause or line of causes, as they may only become even more con­fused and lose track of what they happen to be involved in. That is; if they actu­ally know what that is … most are just fol­low­ing the crowd.

Some causes in life will of course occa­sion­ally catch my inter­est also, but con­stantly being pushed by others to accept this or that as too important to pass on, only causes irri­ta­tion and loss of inter­est on my part.

Being informed about who, and how many, that support this or that cause, is about as inter­esting as to be told that water is wet. When that is what some­one's main argu­ments for being involved in what­ever comes down to, my atten­tion is – as men­tioned – pretty short-lived.

Lists of names and pro­fes­sions of people who line up behind or against a cause, carry very little weight if, or when, I decide to evaluate the cause itself – what­ever it may be. The cause is either worth my involve­ment or it isn't, regard­less of what kind of con­cen­suses others may have estab­lished either way.

cup with text:'Writer's block -
When your imaginary friends refuse to talk to you.' nothing more?

Naa, that will have to do for now, as none of it makes any dif­fer­ence what­so­ever to any­one but me any­way. Nothing worth proving in, or to, this world, and, by popular con­cen­sus we have reached the con­clu­sion that my coffee cup once again is empty … a poten­tial local disas­ter that must be remedied.

And just to have mentioned it: the “Writer's Block” text written on those cups, is not to be taken literally. My imaginary friends simply won't shut up … at all … ever.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 03.sep.2021
last rev: 05.sep.2021

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