another year

and our world keeps on turning.

One can write essays and songs about the phe­nom­e­non that keeps our planet spin­ning, but let us stop at the fact that the planet we call “Earth” has rota­ted 365 times around its axle in the time-span of a year, and that all who happen to come around and read this are all that much older since same time last year.
That is how easy it is to spin lengthy sen­ten­ces around undeni­able facts, and end up saying abso­lu­tely nothing. Too many gov­ern­ments in the world stay afloat by having their members and co­con­spir­a­tors spit out nothing but such empty phrases, while ex­ploit­ing every­one and every­thing within reach.
For what it's worth; we have one of those “govs” in my country … embar­rass­ingly so in all its kakis­toc­ratic splendor.

Having been around a few years, I have seen it all before. Only, by now all has become so much clearer, as the repeating and over­lap­ping cycles are found every­where, for every­one who wants to, to see. Cherry picking facts for an agenda – any agenda – does not make all the other facts go away, and no amount of cover­up and lies can erase the truth.

At best it is kind of fun to watch the lunacy known as “alternative facts” spread to all corners of our world. At worst the whole issue is just depressing.


The many “back to nature” philo­sophies we can find in our socie­ties – especi­ally those that have been tried and tested over a few gene­ra­tions, may con­tain some very useful ele­ments even for those of us who like to think, and work, along more tech­no­cra­tic lines. Makes sense to learn how nature works and how to work with it, rather than attempting to change and “improve” on it and risk des­troy­ing the basis for all life.

a few points…
  • Nature in its purest form, is accidental rather than intentional, and will find its own balance. Read all you can find about the Goldilocks zone.
  • Nature works at its own phases, regardless of what humans think, decide, and try to do about any of it. Be patient, as all we build will be destroyed.
  • Nature does not need humans in any way, shape, or form, any­where, while we modern humans can not survive for long without a rich and well-func­tion­ing nature to exploit and/​or harvest.

Whatever we do, here at the farm or else­where, we try to take those points, and quite a few other along the same lines, into account. So far nature has not let us down, while other “factors” are ques­tion­able at best.

well rested farm workers…

Most mornings; as we look out the main living­room windows before sun-up, we find our farm animals resting on the old farm-road by the calf-pen, chewing cud.

Cows are smart beings, and they grasp the many ins and outs their world consists of extremely well, even with us humans in it to mess things up.
Where they rest in the picture, they have several water sources near by, good over­view in case predators or other sus­pect crea­tures enter the area, and less than 30 short cow-steps to the feed-vagon with mineral addi­tives. Thus, no point for them to move further away from those essen­tials in between meals, until the grass starts growing for real in a few weeks time.

all in a day

Like on most days on our small farm this time of year, the animals work all day, while we only put in an hour or so of work to feed and check them for any problems.
Backrubs are also very much appre­ci­ated now that they try to get rid of their thick winter fur. Nights with low temp­era­tures and now and then light snow covers that we still can get around here now in April, do not bother them the slightest.

So, while today (April 12th) is my official birthday, it is all the same for the two- and four-legged inha­bi­tants on the farm. Once it gets a little warmer outside, more hours will be spent on actual farmwork in pre­par­ance for the summer season.
Right now I'll have a nap, whether I deserve one or not.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 12.apr.2021
last rev: 13.apr.2021

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