light in the woods

… reveals the magic.

The scenery outside our living­room windows depends entirely on the natural light any given time of day. No arti­fi­cial lighting can emulate nature's varia­bility, and as I included the image above I had to look out repeat­edly just to confirm to myself that the color-palette in it was real.

As much as I would like all my photos to come through to all visitors as exact copies, neither my equip­ment nor the visitors' screen-settings can be expected to live up to the degree of perfection one would like. Close enough for comfort will have to do.

I do check that my photos look “natural” on my screens, but that does of course only tell so much about what they may look like on others' screens.

farm routines

Feeding and looking after our small herd, does not require much hard work or heavy farm-machinery. They gather, usually on time, so close to the barn that we could have carried the feed out to them by hand … two trips with the wheel­barrow that is.

But, of course, we drive the short distance in style, and once we have loaded off the meal in front of the cows (and given them a back-rub), we ready the next meal onto the old J.D. Gator back at the barn. Always having the next meal prepared makes it really easy to keep the routines going, and the animals happy.

As the midday feeding routine is quickly done – fifteen minutes or so, we may take a walk in one of the garden-patches that are equally close by. Got to check if the con­di­tions are good for bumble­bees and other eager helpers in the area.

Some of the plants flying insects seem to like in parti­cular, grow along the barn-walls. Their smell get mixed with the smell of hay and silage as we pass driving back and forth between barn and feed-area.

nighttime snacks

As I write some of this post after midnight, I can hear cowbells from the farm-roads and feed-area. The cows often come around for a late-night meal of left­overs, the water­post is near by, and they rest there.
Reassuring to hear those cowbells and nothing else … all is good.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 20.jun.2020
last rev: 22.jun.2020

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