another year, another decade

and head first into the future.

Ready or not; I am pushing forward into the great unknown brought on by crossing into a new year according to the western calendar. Who knows; it may be fun, even if mainly of the more morbid kind on grounds how our country is run.

So, let us start by pre­sen­ting an amne­sic Nor­we­gian prime minister leading a gov­ern­ment con­sist­ing of crea­tures that do not repre­sent any­one but them­selves and their families, friends and busi­ness part­ners.
These corrupt beings make sure we Nor­we­gians can look forward to the fun it is to see our old and beauti­ful coun­try delibe­ra­tely being dis­sec­ted and drained of every­thing of value – at least all that can be con­ver­ted and trans­fer­red to tax havens, before being driven straight to hell on roads we the people have to pay for.

Doesn't that scenario sounds like a lot of fun? Wish I could say it was fake news, but it most defi­ni­tely isn't.
These people do not repre­sent any­thing I would ever want to be asso­ci­ated with, and this is not some­thing that can be remedied with a national elec­tion. The sys­te­mic lack of demo­cracy goes too deep in all poli­tical circles and beuro­cra­cies for such a simple fix.

Now, don't blame us Nor­we­gians for the fact that it is at least as bad in other parts of the world. Nor­we­gian govern­ments have for decades insisted on adopting policies that do not work well or at all any­where else, so we are actually always a bit behind with the nega­tive pro­ces­ses. If the past is any­thing to go on, our leaders will try to speed up the des­truc­tion all they can in the coming years.
Oh joy…

Motvind Norge
NO to

It is positive that an increas­ing number of my fellow country­men are becoming aware of the damage that our country is subjected to both from within and the outside, and openly oppose the des­truc­tive forces in all areas they are en­coun­tered. Hope the ongoing mad­ness can be halted before all is lost.

farmlife is great

These beauties have grown quite a bit since these photos were taken back in March 2019, and all five heifers are in great shape.
That is what farming is all about to us, and we haven't missed a beat in caring for them through whatever life has thrown at us lately.

Farming with animals is in so many ways the one activity that makes life meaning­ful to us. Always some­thing to do, and quite often we are exposed to some serious shows of gratitude from those we are care­takers for.

“breaking news” amass

Everyone and their dog can publish articles and “shorties” under popular key­word head­lines, and most are full or partial clones of other articles so scanning quickly through a few will do in order to stay informed.
All too often the entire internet, followed by TV- and radio-channels, and paper-publi­cations, behaves as one huge echo-chamber, without much unique content or real news.

I am not sure if there will be any real improve­ments in the world of (re)pub­lish­ing in the year ahead, but I am sure it will be wise to be more selective and waste less time on media publi­ca­tions – inclu­ding official channels and social media – in the future.

Branding anything that does not fit ones own views as “fake news”, without bothering to look further into the matter, seems to be quite popular. For many – both professionals and amateurs – this is a quick and easy solution to the “infor­ma­tion overload” problem and just about anything displeasing one may encounter in our media-focused world. The old “Don't make me think” phrase comes to mind…

Whether or not the above could, or should, be interpreted to mean that I should quit presen­ting my own views any­where – including here on my own site, isn't clear to me yet. However, as it makes little to no diffe­rence to anyone but me either way, I may as well carry on as before for the fore­see­able future.

changes ahead

Whatever the future brings, not every­thing will stay the same as in earlier years. Beyond that I will not waste time on provi­ding pro­phe­cies for the year 2020 and beyond.
Those who happen to be around will have to live with and through what­ever comes, and/or parti­ci­pate in shaping the future the way they want if they so choose.

Life can be oh so peaceful in the innermost rooms of ones mind, totally shielded from the complexity, stupidity and noises of the world. Makes a lot of sense to enjoy the solitude for a while…

Wishing a very happy and prosperous new year to all.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 01.jan.2020
last rev: 16.jan.2020

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