disrupted spring at the farm

… and rather cold at times.

Nothing unusual about getting snow in early May up in these hills in southern Norway, and what little of the white stuff that came down in our area did not last long.
A few frosty nights have slowed down grass-growth some, but haven't caused any damage to the water systems we have opened for our heifers.

a lazy life

“All heifers in the world should envy us”, is probably what these five heifers would think if they bothered to vision life outside this old farm.

With free access to plenty of silage and green grass, topped with small amounts of vitamin/​mineral concentrates twice a day, they are actually getting a bit fat.

slow progress

The delays imposed on us last year, will hamper us quite a bit this year too. We have however managed to acquire what is needed to keep our heifers well fed and in good condition until we get all pastures properly fenced, and then hopefully we will get all the rest that's needed to restore the farm facilities to their former glory done over the summer.

With medical emergencies fresh in mind, and stress-factors pushing on us from outside the farm, it may not come as a surprise that I feel somewhat mentally exhausted. Makes it hard to focus on the many projects I have ahead of me.

Hopefully I will find the drive to carry on as usual in not too long, as feeling mentally tired most of the time is actually quite frus­trating.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 12.may.2019
last rev: 15.may.2019

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