is it spring yet?

or are we observing a climatic anomaly?

I will let those who regard themselves as experts spend time on back-and-forth arguments about climate changes. I am more into saving us, and nature, from modern forms of pollution and exploitation, than worrying about varying solar activity and rising CO2 levels.

If we are to follow advices from the most talkative and cited “experts”, we will be forced to choke on industrial garbage and be tortured by long lines of disastrous, politi­cally backed, “solutions” to the proclaimed crisis, or we will be slowly drowned by rising sea level while being cooked under a man­made green­house cover. Oh joy…
Not my kind of scenario, so those who believe the above is how we should “save the earth” will have to go about it without my help.


At the old farm we are more or less back to business as usual, after half a decade pause. We are still feeding our heifers silage and other goodies twice a day – as we have done through the winter, as what little grass that is growing now in late March is at best snack between meals for them. The animals have been outdoors all winter, and I don't think they mind the least that the snow is more or less gone in the area.

It is wonder­ful to be able to com­muni­cate close­ly with our four-leg­ged part­ners while feed­ing them and making sure that they all are in good condition and mood. Those heifers may seem a bit lazy just laying around, but why bother to search for food when they get all they need delivered in front of their noses twice a day.

Our plans for the farm are still hampered and delayed by plans to build a road through the area, but once all fences are in place our heifers will have quite an area to roam on. All fits into what is known as “extensive farming”, which is the most animal- and nature-friendly way to farm ever invented, and also – for those inter­ested in such matters – the most economic.


Well, by now I know that heart attacks really suck, as I had a whole series of attacks from early December into the new year caused by partly blocked coronary arteries. As I could barely breathe because of the lung edema caused by the last attacks, I couldn't even enjoy the night-time helicopter flight as I was rushed to the hospital for lifesaving treatment. But, now the stents are in place and the cabinet is filled with pills, and the old pump seems to work reasonably well.

A few days after the last heart attack and surgery, I had to make another trip to the hospital. This time with what turned out to be a mild stroke affecting my right side – blood clot most likely stemming from the stent-inserting surgery ended up in my brain. Reduced sensation and control of movements in my right hand and side at first, but all is pretty much OK again now a few months later.

The above gave us a kind of rough start on the new year, although those heart attacks scared my wife more than me, I think. After all, I was kind of busy through­out the entire ordeal.
I most certainly could have done without the experience of drowning in my own lungs while desperately gasping for air, or feel my hand/arm go to sleep all by itself. However, shit happens, and not all of it can be blamed on stupid politicians.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 27.mar.2019
last rev: 27.apr.2019

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