are very personal matters.

This year's Black Friday just passed, and would have gone unnoticed apart from all the adds on and off line. They were a reminder of how people's priorities manifest them­selves, and how mine have changed over the years.

I couldn't care less how much cheaper some items are on this or any other day. My garbage bins are almost empty right now, and I see no point in filling them up again with stuff I neither need nor want just to get a bargain.

problem with too much stuff

In essense: useless stuff clutters up spaces and gets in the way in day to day life, as new products all too often reach garbage status even before leaving the stores. Planned obso­les­cence in over­drive is seriously back­firing, creating nothing but mountains of garbage in our living-spaces.

The only solution the industry seems to have, is to offer more low-stan­dard stuff at lower prices, and hope that we will keep on buying – at least on “sales” days.

I have never been much for collecting stuff, and as product quality in general has continued to drop for decades and hardly any­thing on the market works properly or lasts long enough to be of any real use to me, more and more of my own “collection” has ended up in the garbage bins, never to be replaced.

My aversion to what I see as mindless consumption of sub­stan­dard stuff, has never prevented me from going after what I need. I just have to find it in a decent quality, and that rarely ever shows up on sales.


For the time being I prori­tize myself, family, food, shelter, nature, traveling, freedom to gather know­ledge on my own premises, and a steady reduction of unnecessary earthly goods.

Whatever else our modern societies may have to offer, or would like to push down my throat, will have to wait while I'm doing my research into whether or not I am prepared to make space for it, or if I should even give it a second thought. Most likely not, the way our societies continue to degenerate into garbage-heaps.

I choose to explore the many sides of happiness that comes with doing fine with having enough, and stay up in these hills with lots of unclut­tered space to roam. A peaceful life suitable a free soul…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 27.nov.2017
last rev: 27.nov.2017

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