winter mode

… or seasonal mood.

at the water edge somewhere in Florida

Looks like a nice place to be in late November. Took a while to get here, but now we are…

Picture above taken Saturday, as we relax at a friend's place after having made the usual round-trip to the stores and farmers market in Spring Hill.

what we left…

cloudy day in Mandal, Norway

It was cloudy, wet and cold the days before we left Norway, so not all that hard to stay in winter mode and prepare for the trip to a warmer climate.

A week earlier it was snow on the ground and quite cold. That's when we started counting days to our vacation.

traveling light

We don't pack all that much for these winter vacations, as we have pretty much all we need for a long stay stored at our place in Florida. That's the practical side of owning our own “home away from home” here.

We arrived pretty late – around midnight, and the last thing one wants to do is to start unpacking a lot of stuff right away when one arrives in the middle of the night after a long and tiring journey. No need to hurry now, so we may wait a few more days before we go through the entire unpacking process.

Another great thing is that we have very good neighbors here, that wish us welcome and help us out with the little things that always need to be taken care of when we have been away for a while.

One of our neighbors even came over with a nice, good tasting, Thanksgiving dish for dinner the evening after our arrival. Very much appreciated!

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 27.nov.2016
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