RTFM for life

or just carry on.

I do read technical manuals, and also some more academic equiv­alents for my own enlight­en­ment, but if there was a user-manual written about life itself I most likely would have ignored it. What would be the point in living if I knew beforehand how to live?

Curiosity can get a human much further than the curious cat got, but in the end we will inevitably end up in that very same situation and have to call it a day. Thus, nothing to worry about on route to our final desti­nation, no matter what anyone has written about life or any­thing else. Make the most out of the parts you care about while you can, ignore the rest, and enjoy the ride.

I do of course not intend to paint myself into a philosophical corner here, but since I, for whatever reason, happen to be alive today, I may as well write some­thing related to life – as we know it.

Not much in life that isn't all about life itself, so that makes the task of writing about and around life easy. If the task of living was that easy, I probable would have died of boredom in early childhood – around the time when I learned to write down my thoughts about life.

As luck has it, life is complex enough to bother living. Still room for person­alization and individual priori­tization for those of us who want to clear and shape our own paths, and no lack of ready-made lives to live for all others.

pre- or posthumously lost in space.

Some become well known before they die, and some die before becoming well known. Some manage to wander unnoticed through life, and remain like that forever after.
Those who know or don't know anything about any of the before mentioned, never­the­less end up in the same categories. It is all a matter of time, also for those of us to whom time doesn't really matter all that much.

Those who know the least always seem to be quickest to deliver the “correct” answers, and those who know the most tend to keep their mouths shut. It is probably best that way for all parties, but one cannot help but wonder why so many always have the “loudness” turned on so others cannot even hear themselves think.
Why do live humans have to be so damn noisy?

When enough noise is made, nobody can hear the music. Is that what life is all about to the most eager noise-makers? No wonder there are so many tonedef people in politics.

Easier to ask questions than to provide good answers, but if nothing is questioned there won't be any answers to build on. Since there aren't anyone, alive or dead, to answer to, we may as well question everything and keep on building knowledge.

Knowledge may not improve our lives, but with enough knowledge onboard we may at least realize what our own lives are all about. Better to know all the lies than to unknow­ingly live them…

fun while it lasted.

Life is fun, and it keeps getting funnier by the day. One day I'll probably laugh so hard at life that it kills me. Could inspire a nice inscription for my gravestone if nothing else.

In the mean time I'll enjoy the early morning sun if I happen to be up and around at that time of day, and welcome the dark night that follows after a few hours. Maybe I have gotten something done during the day, and if not it was probably best left undone anyway.

I said “hello little fellow” to a tiny bird that sat on the door knob this morning, and observed the clouds disappear soon after sun-up. With a cup of coffee within reach I am ready to paint the day in all colors of the rainbow, and may even mix in some from outside the visual range to my palette.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 30.aug.2016
last rev: 25.sep.2016

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