typed words

may last a while.

Typewriters are out of fashion now, and quick copy, paste and erase is the standard. Fun to have grown up with hand­writing in school, years using typewriters, and having ended up in the era of “computerized everything” while I was young enough to grasp it quickly.

I am not a writer – profes­sional or other­wise. I just like to write in periods, and may even on occasions think that some of what I happen to write actually makes sense.

As I mainly write for my own plea­sure, what I write about and what I write about it, changes with the mood and the season. Writing mainly in US-English as a way to practice another language than my own, and it doesn't hurt that a slightly higher number of people around the world understand English than master Norwegian.

It is now 20 years since I started making use of the internet, and about 15 years since web develop­ment and writing on the web became an interesting mix of hobby and work. Computers became useful tools long before that though.

going digital.

For me the “digital era” started in 1979, when I bought an ABC80. A pretty basic computer developed in Sweden, that performed quite well for its time.

The ABC80 actually worked so well that I added a dual floppy disc drive and a printer to it quite early on, and I developed software for it for several years.

The fun and work related activities continued with the arrival of an ABC800 – the ABC80's bigger brother, that I had running till it broke down in late 1986. By then I had acquired other personal computers, and even a CAD/CAM system, and was more than comfort­able with using and program­ming them and build advanced peripherals.

Most of the dozen or so computers that have passed by over the years since the mid 80s, have been medium spec'ed PCs for allround use. I don't play computer games – never have, so haven't needed the more high-perfor­mance computers.

Internet is the main infor­ma­tion and com­muni­ca­tion channel today. Although I have the usual mix of mobiles and tablets, I prefer devices with larger screens and proper keyboards, and I rarely ever surf on the go.

Still a few computers around me now in 2016, but they are not new and not in daily use. Soft­ware pro­gram­ming isn't on the table either these days – I've gone into retirement and only play some with the bits and pieces that makes up web designs like this one.

Most of my digitized activity nowadays is performed on simple laptops, and I wear out one such unit every couple of years. Don't think they are meant to last any longer.

So, the typewriters are replaced, but whether or not that's a good thing isn't quite clear to me. I'll probably figure it out one day. One thing for sure though: mechan­ical type­writers cannot be hacked remotely.

just another set of tools.

Pen, typewriter and PC … different tools aimed at achieving the same thing. Takes time to master any of these tools properly, and they don't come with a guar­an­tee for increased creativity.

I haven't defined any goals for my writing, apart from to have fun while doing it. Thus, writer's block and other obstacles don't bother me on days when the sun is shining or rain is falling.

Now and then I feel like writing short pieces about one or more subjects, and share some thoughts and information with whoever happens to land on a given page. This website is well suited for publishing such stuff.

My longer and more carefully crafted stories – some of which I have been writing on for decades by now – was never meant to be published here. They are written in a different language, different formats, and are not well suited for the generally short attention span of today's readers. Still fun to keep writing on those real stories though, and some will inevitably rub off on what I do publish here.

My “typed and published” writings in the web may last a while, but hope­fully not too long. Not every­thing ever published on the internet deserves an ever­lasting space there, and luckily most don't get one.

Enough bygone people floating around in stasis out here – on Facebook and other semi-per­ma­nent grave­yards. Not my choice of real estate, or company for that matter, for the hereafter.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 09.aug.2016
last rev: 09.aug.2016

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