another sunny afternoon

in our neck of the woods.

View from our livingroom around noon

Shades of “natural green” really stand out in the right light.

really peaceful in these hills…

A few dozen cars, motorcycles and tractors pass by on the main road in our area over a 24 hour period. We usually do not notice them, as the road is hidden behind the trees about 200 meter from the house.

In day to day life we almost forget that we're living only a 5 minutes drive from the town-center. We usually go there once a week for provisions, whether we need to or not.

night follows day follows night…

All in good order as it gets dark outside. (The moon didn't show up tonight, so I cheated by including a picture from a month back – but who cares.)

I'm not wondering about or making wishes for tomorrow's weather, as I know it will suit the day and the area well no matter what. We're lucky that way up here in these hills, as the grass and woodland need rain as well as sunshine.

This is most definitely the place to be right now, and luckily I am.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 27.may.2016
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