… she hears everything.

The roe deer is welcome all over the farm now that we have no cows on pasture. I often see this mama roe deer with her two calves, but it is often so early in the morning or late in the evening that it is impossible to take pictures for lack of light.

More luck a morning in August, as there was just enough light to get somewhat acceptable pictures with a regular camera.
Mama roe deer noticed me of course, but the distance from the front porch where I stood with my camera, to the far end of the pastures where she was with her calves, was too large to cause her to get scared and run off.

beautiful creature

Roe deer want fresh, clean grass and quiet surroundings, so we didn't see much of them when we had cows on pasture.

Now when the cows are gone, the little family, and also some individual roe deer, show up quite often. They come in from the surrounding woodland on our farm, and if left in peace they may spend an hour or two grazing on the best pastures.

Now and then we can observe one of these small animals walking slowly around along the outer edges of the front yard. When that happens it is always too dark to take good pictures with regular cameras, so I only have a number of pictures that show what it is but not very clearly – deemed unsuitable for publication

welcome distractions

This is the kind of local action we can see through our livingroom windows from time to time, if we pay attention. Sure beats whatever real or made-up action that may show up on TV and other screens.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 05.aug.2015
last rev: 10.aug.2015

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