why not waste time

while there's any left to waste.

(or rather, choose Gross Domestic Happiness over Gross Domestic Product)

Have been wondering about that lately … well, for the last couple of years or so actually. I got all this time on my hands, so why on earth should I not just go on and waste it all on “nothing” – just for the fun of it if nothing else.

Oh yes, I'm happy alright. It is just that I have no interest left for any of the socalled “important” issues some people think matters in life. Not that I have much interest in matters that most people think are unimportant either, but at least that is some­thing most of us can agree on.

In today's world there is hardly room for a sensible thought about any subject in day to day life, as nearly everything in our societies is centered around GDP and other totally unimportant matters related to the ongoing monopoly game. What a joke!

As I am more into GDH – which there appears to be very little focus on in the western world today, I hon­est­ly don't know if there's much point in partici­pating in public life any­more. I get so easily bored with repet­i­tive empty talk, no matter the subject.

quite normal insanity…

In case those who happen to read this should come to feel that the writer is going insane or something, I can only say that they're probably right – at least in a sense. No use recom­mending treatment though, as that would be the absolute ultimate waste of time – my time as well as that of others.

As “going insane” can be defined as “deviating seriously from the official norm in the society one is living in”, those in the more “normal” circles who like to char­acter­ise others, can probably justify putting such an “insane” char­acter­istic on people like me.

I am more in line with uncle Albert and brother John on the issue, and see insanity to be the official norm I'd rather run as far away from as I possibly can. As I feel perfectly fine in my own company, I might as well make staying alone a permanent solution to whatever problem life in this insane world might bring to the table.

we are not amused…

Have been in this game for too long, so whatever is presented to me I am not amused. Those who are can carry on down the road towards the asylum … the way back up again is gonna be harder the further down they let them­selves slide.

Freedom from the insti­tution­alized insanity is preserved by knowing that I don't owe anyone in this world anything, and most certainly not an answer to why I think the world is insane. Those who are interested can figure it out for themselves.

quote-text follows

Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to think of you as they please.
— Phytagoras

I am content with my role as (appar­ently) pas­sive ob­ser­ver, one that doesn't inter­fere with other people's con­vic­tions no matter what happens.
Life in the country­side (and anywhere else for that matter) becomes so much more peaceful that way, and being able to live in peace with myself and others in quiet, natural sur­round­ings, is what matters most to me.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 25.jun.2015
last rev: 04.jul.2015

And that, is a fact.

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