entertaining thoughts

without getting lost in them.

On rare occasions I actually think. Seriously. Now, how strange is that‽

Oh well, it is most likely a “flaw in my DNA” or something, but from time to time I like mind-jogging along strange, uncharted and mostly unchartered paths. Can keep at it for hours, and when I think about it it has probably always been that way for me.

Being able to grab a freak, and even unpleasant, thought by the tail and swing it around until it gets dizzy, with no intension of keeping or nurturing it, is a necessity for curious and invest­iga­tive minds – and is often quite entertaining.

Some say I spend too much time in my own head, but I most definitely rather have me than anyone else messing around in there. I don't get easily lost on that familiar ground, but others most likely will.

Also, as long as I keep on forming my own lines of thought, others won't be able to do it for me. With a world full of mind-twisters, insisting on twisting my own can be seen as a form for insurance.

just a thought?

A thought that is well entertained, isn't just a thought. When shaped right and polished a bit it can be turned into a more or less personal statement, whereafter it can be put on display in the public sphere.

For those who are still suffering under the illusion that there is such a thing as free speech, a couple of light notes follow.

Being a good politician must be tough, having to stand the smell of all the rotten ones day in and day out. No wonder there are so few good politicians.
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Never in the history of man has so many had so little worth saying and so many places to say it.
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I would have liked to add some more – not quite so light – notes, but with the general lack of humor that exists in some circles I have decided against it for now. Too many people take too many things in life, and themselves, too serious, and that tends to take all but what is defined as “politically correct fun” at any given time, out of life.

So much free speech is blocked and lost because of the limitations we have to put on ourselves in day to day communication, only because someone might take things personal in a negative way. That does of course mean that no sensible communication can take place, so why anyone bothers at all becomes a question that can be difficult to answer.

The thing is though: if we all stop saying what is on our minds, nothing gets said out loud – regardless of whether it matters or not. That will lead to even more misunder­standings, frustration and distrust than there already is between people, and in the end hate as we will fill the holes in our oh so very civil communication with negative thoughts about the other parties intentions.

This is not what I will call a positive development for mankind, but it is what we are asking for if we choose to act negatively on every word that just might be interpreted as being directed against us and/or our own views.

Unless each of us want to live in total isolation, and let our com­muni­cation skills go to waste, we have to allow for, and entertain, opinions uttered in speech and writing that we may strongly disagree with. We also have to let our own opinions be known, regardless of how many or how few who like, dislike, or simply ignore them.

what a feeling…

After having spent an enter­tain­ing evening deep in my own thoughts, I feel wonder­fully free to release another mind-dump. Finishing off one of these quick writings and getting ready for another, always makes me feel good – it's a tran­si­tional thingy.

Come to think of it, it is actually quite strange that I find time to write. It is summer­time on the farm, and so much else both outdoors and indoors is calling for my attention these days.

Be all that as it may, it is time to put this one, and myself, to bed now. Thinking this much makes me oh so tired…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 20.jun.2015
last rev: 14.apr.2020

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