constitution day

in norway.

There is something about our flag, that not even our pol­i­ti­cians can take away from us.

marking the day.

Gunlaug and I will mark our Norwegian Constitution Day on May 17 like we always do, by keeping our Norwegian flag up high in our front yard. Because of the time-dif­fer­ence between Norway and Florida, our flag will show up a little late compared to flag-ceremonies in Norway, but that's OK.

To our neighbors here in Weeki Wachee, FL, it may not mean much that our Norwegian flag is high on the flagpole on May 17th, as it was up yesterday and the day before that, and will be up tomorrow too. They see that we raise our flag when we arrive at this place for the winter, and that we take it down when we leave. Has been like this for years.

Observant visitors may have seen the American Eagle on top of the flagpole – above our Norwegian flag, in the big picture above. This is of course fine with us … we don't discriminate…

It is Constitution Day in Norway, not here in the US, and the two of us are quietly observing our very own rituals sur­round­ing this day, all by ourselves – same as we do every year. That is really all there is to it.

our country.

We Norwegians love our country at least as much as people from any other nation on this earth love theirs. We honor our flag, but our flag may not mean the same to us as a nation's flag means to people belonging to other nations.

Rituals for marking the Norwegian Constitution Day are quite different from how such days are marked in most countries. We do in fact have very few actual rituals for this day, and those few we have are of a more practical nature. Norwegians don't play politics with, or on, our Constitution Day, and official ar­range­ments do not mean much to us on this day.

May 17th is histori­cally a day for the children to celebrate – in what­ever way they like really, and we grown-ups are there mainly to support and watch.
This is the tradition sur­round­ing our Constitution Day that we want to keep for ever, in our country.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 17.may.2015
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