lord, I hope this day is good

because it's all ours.

The main headline is borrowed from a Don Williams song, and describes well how I usually start a day – with a wish that it will be a good one. And then it is time to make it happen.

At the end of a day it may become clear that not all days are all that good, but then there's another day coming.

the joy of nature…

Amongst our most appreciated “neighbors” in this Weeki Wachee neighborhood of ours, are the insects that pollinate our plants.
No-one is working harder to make us feel right at home, and I would rather not think about what it would have looked like around here without them.

I can not imagine what goes on in the heads of those who cannot stand having insects around them, unless of course if they have an allergy problem related to insect stings etc.
No human effort can ever hope to replicate what these tiny creatures achieve as they go on with their lives, as they have done for millions of years. Still, humans keep on killing them off with the excuse that “they are nasty and useless”. In my humble opinion it is all too often the other way round…

Be that as it may, we attempt to make it as “homey” for our tiny helpers as we possibly can on our property, while making it pretty hard as well as uninteresting for them to get inside our house.
We like some “privacy”, and we do not have to slap or poison all that many of them to draw the line between our space and theirs. Some diatomaceous earth strategically spread in and around our private spaces, makes our tiny friends avoid them. Splashing some peppermint around has the same effect, but not for very long of course.

natural or “designed” surroundings…

Not every­one in our neighbor­hood under­stands why we do not cut off the lower leaves on the palmtree in our back­yard, to make it look more like how others around here trim theirs.
Sure, we will take off those lower leaves, in our own good time. The tree itself will tell us when it is time to loose them, after it has finished using them as spring­boards to spread its seeds around.

Our thinking may differ from that of most of our neighbors when it comes to maintaining the outdoors. But, nobody gets bothered by us observing how nature actually works before interfering with it, same as we do on our farm back in Norway.
Some of our neighbors are curious about why we do it our way, and since it usually takes too long to explain in greater details, we simply say that that's how we like it and leave it at that.

Observing how every single living thing in nature has evolved with strategies to survive, propagate and prosper, can be more inter­esting than watching a whole series of shows on TV, and, besides lasting longer, nature sure enter­taines me more.

Not that I watch much TV anyway these days, as there isn't much worth watching no matter how I look at it. If I want real enter­tain­ment and/or action on screens, I rather set up my cameras in particu­larly interest­ing and undisturbed spots in nature, and watch what's going on there from the comfort of my lounge … beats every­thing any media-group have ever come up with if you ask me.

another good day behind us…

Every good day tends to leave a wake of positive emotions – happiness – behind it, so, as I wake up to another day, there is something to build on to make this one even better.

A couple of hours before sunrise, while having my morning cup of coffee, and then another one and another one, I am finishing this page and preparing to send it on its way up to the server.
Once that is done and I have checked that the transfer went well, I'm gonna prepare another pot of coffee and go wake up my wife. The sun rising and shining at the back of our house, tells me that we have another day waiting to be made good.

sincerely  georg; sign

Weeki Wachee 29.mar.2015
last rev: 22.mar.2020

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