life is strange

and funny too.

Maybe life should be like living in a flowerbed, with beauty and happiness all around us every day…

…although I think such a life would be rather boring. Having it like this every other day or so, should do. Life is better with some regular or irregular ups and downs to make us feel that we are truly alive – even if it is all an illusion.

You know, it is amazing how a bush can bloom again in no time after all its flowers are killed off by a couple of frosty nights. Without this ability to start over again after a bad experience, not much would have survived on this earth.

Yes, life is resilient – also in us humans, and even when those we might think of as members of our own tribe try to kill us off, we tend to bounce back stronger than ever … like weeds.

Individuals may go down under stress, but for every single one that (apparently) loses the battle and die off, a number of similar individuals pop up to keep on fighting for the right to life on their own terms. And, they keep on winning despite everything that gets thrown at them.

Without all the ups and downs the majority of us experience in life, we might all have died off of sheer boredom. As it is, we just tend to complain a little when we feel a downturn, and then go on creating our own upturns in total disregard of all opposing forces. Endless stupidity on all sides.

oh well.

I'm not sure, but I think I have lost all interest in the rat-race – or whatever one should call it. There isn't really anything worth shit made by man in this world, as of now. Thus, I am contemplating shutting out and ignoring all that doesn't belong inside my own, pretty narrow, sphere, and I am the one who defines “my sphere” at any given time.

Gunlaug under the palm-tree Whether or not the little lady in the picture wants to be in my sphere, is not for me to decide. She has a mind of her own – and says she will. Whatever, I'm not going to push or oppose her either way on the matter – have never felt the need.
I'm not sure if I really want to be much of a part in her sphere though, despite the fact that I have spent nearly two decades helping her build her own sphere on this earth pretty much to her satis­faction. I have a feeling that she will prefer to stay closer to the “norm of ordinary” in the future than I will be comfort­able with, but we may of course find some common ground – under the palm-tree or wherever.

Be all that as it may … I will have to find my own way forward if I shall have any chance of reaching my goals. What those goals are doesn't concern anyone but me, and don't bother trying to figure it out – you will be wrong no matter what you come up with. Besides, I don't want to be disturbed and distracted along the way…

Apart from me writing this, slightly philosophical, piece, it may well be that no-one who knows me/us will ever notice any changes. I may not really be interested in what anybody outside my own sphere thinks regarding me – never have been really, but I'm also not intention­ally going to expose anything of what matters to me.

At most it may become a little more difficult than before to get in touch with me, as – as a general rule – I prefer my own company over that of others, and that might be even more noticeable in the future. I don't think that will bother anyone.

almost done.

If you know me and wonder if something has happened lately to make me change course or tone or whatever, then I can tell you that “Yes, a lot has happened to me over the last couple of years”. Life is funny that way … something always happens whether we like it or not.

Beyond that I have nothing more to say on the issue than what you can read in this article, and if that confuses anyone it really can't be helped.
Have a nice day.

my regards  georg; sign

Weeki Wachee 26.mar.2015
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