… life is quite alright.

Don't know how I came up with that headline, but it is as good as any other headline I can think of … life is indeed quite alright, sometimes.

I've had my morning cup of coffee, and complemented it with a double large drink of “something” I won't reveal in public. So, things are looking good at the start of the day.

I honestly cannot say that every day starts as good as this. But, we only know the day when it is over, and there are many hours left of this one.

Most nights I go to bed in a good mood after another alright day, and I see no reason for this day to be much different.

have been out shopping…

We went shopping at the Home Depot last week, and, as usual, Gunlaug spent some time checking up on plants. That's OK … we lost a couple of plants during frosty nights here in Florida while we were back in Norway a week ago, and there is plenty space around the house for the dozen (or so) new plants she bought this time around.

We have plans to turn the back of the house into a veritable flower garden – a little at a time, and we are already well on our way to achieve this. Have to get some con­struc­tions and watering systems in place for a few dozen more plants, and also extend the garden lightening system a little. No big deal … it only takes time.

nothing else new on the western front.

This week I have made preparations to go to a show in Dallas, TX, and if I find it interesting I may write about it, another day.

And that's it for now from me.

sincerely  georg; sign

Weeki Wachee 09.mar.2015
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