the time it takes

to write about a subject.

I'm not much for performing copy and paste of other people's stuff, so whatever you read on this site is my stuff – I came up with it and wrote it down. The time this takes from start of to a finished article, varies greatly, and several articles may be worked on simul­ta­ne­ously.

Pondering over what and how to write about various subjects of interest, and how and what to illustrate my articles with, can take from minutes to months.

I want each page to come out right and my way, no matter how many, or how few, who read my postings. It is very interesting to write articles and postings, but it can also be extremely time-consuming for very limited reward.

In a sense I run this site entirely for myself, but keep it on the web in order to share with friends and whoever passes by. To make this work for all parties, care has to be taken in sharing ordinary storiesshort note with enough details, while making sure not to go too deep. Be personal, but not share too much.

revising takes time too.

As I actually read and reread my own articles, quite often new ways to formulate something and express myself goes through my head. Now and then I act on these impulses, and change things here and there – also in quite old articles.

To keep track of such changes, a “hidden” pseudo-list exists in each page.

Hovering over the dates at the bottom of main article (on wide browser-windows), and then click-and-hold, reveals a list over dates and changes made to the article from the day it was released to the date of the last revision.

I don't want this “revision list” to take up space and distract from what's written, but having it in the page is nice so I won't have to check elsewhere.

As mentioned: that an article may be far from recent, doesn't matter. If it is still relevant, it makes sense to go through it again, and again, and again, to keep it up to date in every way possible.

Revising particular articles till there is nothing more to add and/or adjust, is some­thing that may go on for years the way I work on my sites. And doing so does of course take time.

it's fun though.

Being semi-retired mechatronic automation engineer with an attitude, means those brain-cells are in constant need of activity. This, and my other web-sites, provide some of that, although I do at times feel that too much of my time is spent as author and web-developer.
Saying that I could make better use of my time, is legitimate. But, what would be “better use of my time”, isn't entirely clear to me. Maybe I should spend more time enjoying nature at work…

Whatever I do with my time on the web, when summing up I do after all feel that most of it is time well spent. I'd like to keep on writing and developing on and for the web for as long as I can, and make no secret of that the entire process really is my kind of fun.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 04.nov.2014
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