no place like home

in the morning sun.

Above: view over the farmyard, barn and house. Picture taken from the arboretum.

colorful glimpses…

Above and below: this time of year, no matter where we turn there are green leaves and shining colors. Only so much of the natural beauty gets past even the best of lenses, but it is the best I can do.

nuff said

The area we live in is called Hageland in Norwegian, which translates directly into “garden country” in English. Need I say more?

The pictures on this page, taken around our home in early June 2014, tell the story as it should be told. Not much point in reiterating it all in words, and I don't think there are enough words in any language to describe the natural splendor truthfully anyway.

Did I ever mention that I like it here? Even if I did, that is the one thing I don't mind repeating, again and again.

I also don't mind mentioning that the Addendum on this page is well worth looking into. May give you a better perspective on nature's role on our farm…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 11.jun.2014
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