more “gunlaug” sites

under one umbrella.

Last week I bought three more domain names, in addition to the two I have already. I did so on a “somewhat well-prepared impulse”, and the process didn't take long or cost much.

Not being satisfied with acquiring a few more domain names and re-route visitors to this site, I aim at developing the newly bought domains:, and, as three independent sites almost totally separated from each other, and this site, in anything but ownership and some basic design.

This is of course not how most people and small businesses do it, but with new ideas flying around in my head all the time I like to have some extra space to test some of them out on, without running the risk of messing up my existing web-sites.

contemplating changes…

Reorganization of existing sites, with new domains taking over for old domains, is most likely, as each site is built up in accordance with its time, and times are changing. I am mainly focusing on programming and web design these days, and want to split out some of my other stuff.

Too wide a content-spread on a site is not positive in my opinion, and I do have quite a few interests and ideas that need some undisturbed space well separated from web design and all that stuff. Not to forget that I am not alone here at the authoring end, even though up until now it may have looked as if I pretty much was.

My wife, Gunlaug Solås, will eventually get her own space out here.
A site where she can present her rhodo­dendron gardens, flowers and roses, and other stuff of personal interests to her, in pictures and text, totally unaffected by my stuff. It is about time she got her own site, as until now all presen­tation she has had on the web is a few of my sites displaying her name, and her own Face­book account.

For practical reasons I will have to build and populate her site too, but Gunlaug will be in total control of all content and how it is organized. The lady has her own ideas…

It makes sense to me to have content in a country-domain like written mainly in Norwegian, maybe with a dash of English here and there for good measure. What is there today – web design related stuff for the most part – does on the other hand work best, and reaches the widest audience, when all is written in English – as it is now.

Consequently, all web design related content found in today, should be upgraded and migrated to my new international domains – and/or, and stay written in English, while should become my wife's site, where the main language naturally will be Norwegian.

The last of the five domains I now am in control of,, may be populated as the domain-name extension indicates: with timely information. To me this means blogging, so that's where my two English-language no-comment blogs from and will be migrated to, before eventually being thrown together as one blog.

Facebook serves well for short messages, with comments. Quite normal to link to blog posts from Facebook and accept comments about them back via Facebook, so in my opinion there is no need for support of comments in my on-site blog(s). This means I will always be in full control of my own blog(s) – as I am now, without having to rely on dedicated blogging software and moderation.

if it ain't broke, fix it…

Yes, you read that right. In my mind there's no use in waiting until something breaks apart, as then it most often is much too late to give it a proper fix. Especially on the ever-changing web there is no reason in the world to wait for anything to happen before introducing fixes.

It is with this in mind that I set out to change, and fix, how my sites are built up and organized, and to do so now while they for the most part are working just fine as is.

Will probably take months to plan for the change and build up the internal structures locally, but once migration is initiated the moving around of parts between domains should all be done in a day or so.

Then I only have to update my local copies, to have something to fall back on in case something breaks for real.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 04.jun.2014
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