on the farm … and feeling good.

It is that time of year again. Green leaves are showing up on young and old trees, telling us life is retur­ning in nature after a long and cold winter. Much the same with us humans, provid­ing we take time off to notice.

Around our place nature is rich, and it is Easter season as I write this. Thus, time and peace to enjoy both nature and each other, is plentiful.

No trip into the Norwegian mountains in search of the last winter snow for us two this year, and sailing along the coast is not on our agenda either. Maybe short visits to family and friends, and then we'll spend much time in our own garden that (still) for the most part is shaped the way nature at its best does it.

As days are getting longer and nights shorter, everything life brings feels brighter and richer. At some point it will turn, but for now it is all good.

There are moments when we might like for every­thing in life, including time, to stand perfectly still, because life is so good right there and then. It never does though, and it is just as well it doesn't. Life has to go forward until it ends, or else there won't be any proof left that it was ever lived.

staying in touch

Sitting here writing makes me think about how much time I spend in front of screens, communi­cating with others around the world in front of their screens.

These days social media stand for a large portion of day-to-day contact. Whether the evolution towards all human communi­cation going via social media on the internet and other electronic means is good or bad, I cannot say. Time will tell.

As mentioned in between the more “playful” parts in previous blog post, I do look at social media now and then – almost every day in fact. Although I am registered on several social media “channels”, Facebook is the one I check up on most often.

Can't say I spy on anyone, but in order to keep my own profile clean I do let ESET scan all my Facebook friends', and their friends' friends, etc, profiles and includes from time to time. It's a good practice, in my opinion.

Have found a few potential threats since I included ESET Social Media Scanner, but they were so far out and minimal that I didn't bother to inform anyone – I just got rid of them at my end.

Warnings about potential threats are otherwise spread pretty quickly on Facebook. Maybe too quickly at times, as some seem to “copy and paste” warnings without checking if threats are real, and half of them are not.

social media

I keep an eye on what my more professional connections are up to, by checking up on Linkedin from time to time. Lack of time keeps me from engaging much, but it is still interesting to follow.

Have not found Twitter of much interest, and have chosen not to register. Thus, apart from following a thread now and then, I don't pay much attention to tweets.

Skype is my main channel for staying in touch with some of my friends, so it is of course on auto-start. Whether it is live or as text-messages, my friends know they can reach me on Skype in seconds if I am near any of my many PCs.

away from these screens

Despite the fact that I spend a concid­erable amount of time in front of screens and keyboards, my mind is quite often else­where. And, for the most part I am not alone while writing.

Good thing I'm not allergic to flowers, as our living room is full of them. In a sense it is spring­time all year round at our place in the woods – maybe time is standing still here…

No secret that I like it here, which of course is why I feel so good right now. With luck tomorrow will be just as good as today, maybe even better.

So, while enjoying the moment, I look forward and make my choices for tomor­row based on what can be seen and felt right now. No need to look further than tomorrow, and maybe even that is way too far. I'll find out … tomorrow.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 17.apr.2014
last rev: 18.apr.2014

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