knitting is great for passing time

but only if you're any good at it.

For one who is heaps better at fine-tuning screens and electronic devices than to knit, trying to find useful functions for a tablet in daily life, is a much better pass-time activity.

Of course, my reason for getting a tablet is that my wife wanted one. My plan was to get her one for christmas last, but as faith would have it I was occupied with other activities in the time running up to christmas.

Now that I do at least have the time, if not much else, and my wife showed renewed interest in tablets after seeing one in use at a friend's place, I thought “why not”.

My wife is not much into using any form for electronic and/or programmable device, and does have a learning problem caused by brain damage and loss of short-term memory years ago. Thus, in order to help her along I bought one for her and one for myself … what an excellent excuse!!!


I see tablets more or less as dedicated toys, and have been in no hurry to get one. “Too little too early to be of any real use”, has, and in part still is, my attitude towards both tablets and smart-phones. As dedicated technocrat, I don't find “entertainment in small boxes” all that interesting.

They are getting better with each new generation though, and even though no tablet is anywhere near where I want them to be yet, they are now at a level where it starts making sense to familiarize myself with them.

so far so good

Have only had these two tablets for a couple of days, but so far I have found no reasons to complain. My wife grok the touch-screen technology, although after only two days she has a failrate close to 50%. Not bad, all things considered.

My failrate is considerably lower, but I have not tried to push anything to its limits yet. Have noticed that it is a pretty sturdy construction with good picture quality, and also that it produces quite acceptable sound for its size.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 06.apr.2014
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