watching tv…

…one day in March

Quiet in the news today, but not the kind of quiet I am comfor­table with. I don't think those guns are carried just for show at the Crimean Peninsula today.

If everyone involved on all sides manages to keep calm in the present situation, this may be as far as it goes. I sure hope so, as nothing good can come out of an armed conflict.

I watch TV today because I have nothing better to do. Would not mind seeing something more positive on my screens though.

tomorrow's weather matters

NRK weather: Southern Norway At home it is going to be rather cold, but not too bad for this time of year.
It has been a snow filled winter in my part of Norway, followed by rain, rain, and more rain. Now we want spring and sunshine – lots of sunshine.

BBC weather: Arabian peninsula Further away it will be quite warm tomorrow. Would probably do me good to stay in a warmer climate for a while, but I can not travel that far south right now.
Won't be long now though, but I won't go to that part of the world.

just one of those days

Yeah, it is boring and not much to write about, I know, but some days are like this – nothing on TV.

Some say watching too much TV makes you lazy and stupid. Right now I'm not sure, they may be right – are you feeling stupid and lazy too?

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 04.mar.2014

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