new year…

…and rather quiet

This is not the time of year to be seriously active, and we did not consume so much fatty food over the holidays that we feel the need to trim off weight.

So, we spend plenty time on the couch, watch TV and flames in the fireplace, and generally take time off from everything. Feels good.

Up until now the winter has been gray and wet in our area, but snow is falling as I write this, and we expect more snow the next few days.

Whether the ground in our area will stay white, or be wet, muddy and/or icy, is anybody's guess right now, as temperature is expected to stay around or slightly above zero degree Celsius over the coming weekend and beyond.

the usual problems with foreign truckers

blocked roads

Chaotic conditions on main roads from time to time, mainly because foreign truckers are not prepared for the Norwegian winter. They slip and slide all over the place until they crash and end up blocking the roads for hours – same mess every winter.

always prepared

House is well insulated, heatpumps are running nicely, and there is plenty of firewood in the basement. We never know when those cold spells drop down on us.

Neighbors will keep roads into our farm open no matter the weather, as I am not able to do the job myself yet. I expect to be pretty much out of circulation at least for another month.

To be on the safe side we have also installed the first stage for “emmergency lighting” in case of power outages. Winter storms tend to rip down power lines in our area, so having some form of backup makes sense. Plans to expand on the backup system for next winter, are in place.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 15.jan.2014

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