quiet holidays…

…more in accordance with long‐gone traditions.

In our more and more commercialized world, it is nice to take some time off from it all. As we write Christmas Eve the silence has spread all over our home for weeks already, and nothing that should be done in time for Christmas is left undone.

Fact is we haven't done much of anything in preparation for this holiday season. A few presents bought and some good food gathered. Pretty much “same procedure as last year and every year before that”, as that's how we like it.

no white christmas this year.

Unseasonally warm and wet this Christmas, and in addition a bit windy. Not that we mind seeing green fields all that much, as we find snowy landscapes look best on pictures.

Strong wind has downed trees and caused power‐outages in our area over the last couple of weeks, but right now late on Christmas Eve the wind isn't too bad, and we have electricity. Hope it lasts, as although we have plenty of firewood in the basement for keeping warm, all is so much easier when all lights are on.

nearing a new year.

Just like last year: around this time we are looking forward to a new year and all it brings. Hope there is something good waiting for us there, as things have been a little rough lately.

Still a week left of the old year though, and personally I hope it will be as quiet and peaceful as this Christmas Eve.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 24.dec.2013

last rev: 25.dec.2013

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