life on‐line…

…is so much easier with broadband.

I think all will agree, that everything related to our various on‐line activities is easier and works better when we have access to a proper broadband connection.

Proper broadband arrived more than half a decade too late to affect my working situation, but better late than never they say.

Being retired provides me with more time for hobbies, and most of my hobbies get more interesting with an “on‐line tail”. Facebook, Twitter, various forum and lists, are frequently used for all they are worth – but not more.

One hobby is of course this and my other web sites. Over the years I have built quite a few web sites, and assisted many others in building theirs. Now I am mainly focusing on my own designs and coding, and like to play around with ideas on line without bothering much about numbers of visitors.

shopping around.

Most of the time on‐line I am shopping around for information, but also for items I need in my daily life and for ongoing projects. Most things can be found and purchased on‐line, so less reason to go to town.

Wish local supermarkets and food‐stores would offer on‐line services, and deliver food and other necessities on my doorstep. That would be real progress, but no signs of that yet.

on‐line presence.

Proper broadband sure makes it easier to maintain on‐line presence. Could not get much done from home over the old, slow, connection, so all but the most important on‐line activities were put on hold until I went abroad for a few months every year.

Now I have a connection at home that is so very, very much faster than the one I have abroad, that it affects not only how much I can get done on‐line but also how it gets done. A change in overall workflow is the most welcome result.

for my own amusement.

I still work on‐line, but not so much for profit anymore. Web development/‍design has become more of a hobby, something I am involved in on many levels because I like being creative.

These days I only put energy into what really interests me, and pass on most else. Helping friends on and off line when I can, is interesting, but beyond that I for the most part only observe what goes on in the world, and don't want to be disturbed.

Proper broadband helps here too, as it provides quick and easy ways to stay in touch with friends anywhere, while avoiding all others.

Oh, and I (still) don't play any games, on or off line. Life in itself is enough of a game…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 11.nov.2013

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