new year…

…and we can always complain about the weather.

winter in Norway

There is a road in that image, but a 2 meter deep snowdrift covers it. I don't mind snow on pictures, but that much of it right outside my window is not to my liking.

Pretty unstable weather so far this winter, a lot worse than usual. Snow storms that made it impossible to keep roads into and around on our farm open, followed by days of rain that turned the same roads into muddy and partly ice covered streams. And then more snow … a lot more snow.

I would rather be here.

winter in Florida

For a few more weeks I can only watch my plants and roses lightened up by the morning sun, via videolink. Sure am looking forward to see them up close, but it will have to wait till I have sorted out things on our farm in Norway.

always complaining.

Would be no fun if I could not complain about the weather. Summer and autumn of 2012 was very cold and wet in Southern Norway, and hopes for a nice winter on the farm is wearing thin.

Not often we have to keep farm animals indoors for more than a day or two at a time, but as I write first day of 2013 they have been indoors for more than 2 weeks already, and we are not sure when weather will allow us to let them out.

The animals can cope with the weather, but we have been unable to keep roads clear of snow and ice and machines running to bring out food, and get the animals safely back and forth between the snow covered pastures and woods, and the barn.

Have to get things in order at home before I can travel to warmer parts of the world, but with a bit of luck and no bad winter storms, I may be on my way before the end of January. We will see.

Right now the sun is shining on our farm, brightening up things … for a few minutes.

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 01.jan.2013

last rev: 01.jan.2013

side notes.

no winter wonderland.

Snow covered farmyard and buildings can look OK on pictures…

… but when the pick up has a half‐a‐meter thick snow/ice cover, and the tractor gets stuck while removing wet, heavy and slick snow from farm roads…

… then “nice winter scenes” are not what I am focusing on.

Looking back at these winter pictures in a 6 months time, when temperature outside is above 20°C, will probably be more fun. It always is.

otherwise business as usual.

tiny calf

This little bull is almost 3 weeks old and doing fine. His mom had a tough couple of days coming down with milk fever, but she is doing fine now too.

The brown and white cow on this picture, calved last night – first calf on our farm in 2013. So far all seems well for calf and cow. advice upgrade advice upgrade navigation