thoughts on “social clutter”…

… too much already!

Those who feed and follow social media channels on a regular basis are probably disagreeing with me that there is too much clutter. Apparently the majority want more, and keep on cluttering up social media as quickly as they can.

It would be kind of OK, I guess, if cluttering up dedicated social media channels would keep the majority from cluttering up everything else. The spill‐over is enormous though – everything looks like “just another nonsensical reality‐show in short‐form”. Seriously…

copy and paste, then “send”.

Yeah, the most “obsessed clutterers” can probably recycle daily tweets and facebook comments from day to day, week to week, month to month, as there's hardly ever anything new. That people have more or less fixed routines, is fine, but why so many feel they constantly must report that they are a little bit ahead, behind, or right on time with whatever they are up to, is a mystery. And, no matter how we look at it,all the repeating comments make for pretty boring reads.

A quick check amongst friends of mine who are far more active on social media than I am, tells me that few actually read the frequent blurbs crafted by others. Quick scans seems to be the norm, and most content gets ignored/lost. Sounds reasonable given what nonsense most write, and doesn't explain why so many keep on cluttering social media with more of the same nonsense day in and day out.

Problem is of course that whatever substantial and potentially interesting stuff and comments some choose to upload, also tends to get overlooked and lost in the constant stream of clutter. Most people have something of value to present, if they so choose. Having good stuff drowned in a sea of nonsense may, in some cases, make people think twice about releasing more good stuff.

Weak souls having become addicted to social media, may be the main cause for the constant stream of cluttering nonsense. One can become addicted to anything, so why not.

Forced rehab may be the only answer for some of the worst hit, as for severe gaming and drug addictions. Some are probably lost for good, as “obsessive compulsive disorder social media clutterers”.

The majority of “social media clutterers” will probably just switch to different but equally nonsensical and boring activities in the social spaces as trends change, which they do every few years.


I feel an “obsessive compulsive disorder” condition coming on just by writing about all the moronic clutter found on social media channels. May have to check myself into rehab one of these days, in order to regain some sense of normality.

Actually, writing short pieces about such nonsensical issues now and then, acts as a safety valve – lets me keep at least some sanity in a world mainly consisting of reiterated stupidity on all levels.

Maybe that is how other more sensible beings feel too, as they join in adding more moronic clutter on whatever social channels they frequent. If you can't beat them, you may as well join them…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 30.nov.2012

last rev: 06.dec.2012

side notes.

clutter is the norm.

From before the age of the Flintstones, to well beyond the foreseeable future. Nothing really new under the sun.


Everything can be used and/or abused for good, bad or purely nonsensical purposes. Guess we have a choice – at least on an individual level – if we so choose. advice upgrade advice upgrade navigation