natural colors…

…mix well with artificial.

I don't have particu­larly green fingers, so am always happy when nature gets it right without too much help from me. I did not even know I had this plant in my garden, until it showed up like this.

Experien­ced gardeners may laugh at the fact that I have no idea about name and whatever for this plant. All that matters to me is that it looks real pretty and fits in just fine in my garden.

Oh, before I forget … no need to tell me name and other “specs” for this lovely plant. My wife already has told me more than I ever need to know about it, and she is ready to provide me with more information if I ask.

I tend to forget such details pretty quickly, and reserve my right to just enjoy the view and share with others, without bothering about plants' family‐names in Latin and whatnot. Those who like can read up on all that “dry stuff” elsewhere, while I continue focusing in what's growing right there in front of me.

flower decorations, no thanks.

I don't like cut-off flowers for short‐term decorations or gifts, as they look and smell of death to me. “Fresh flowers in the morning” usually don't last long, and I see no point in cutting plants for anything but animal‐food and environ­mental culti­vation and adjustments.

Not that the custom of giving flowers or decorating with them disturbs me – as long as I don't have to be involved or at the receiving end. It just sends the wrong signal my way so I usually say “no thanks” if someone offers me cut-off flowers. If that doesn't work I just throw them away as soon as I can just to get them out of my sight, no matter who they are from.

I like flowers in gardens, where they can go through their phases and live and die naturally. Doesn't need to be anything special about them, as long as nature mainly is in control and we humans can adjust a little here and there and enjoy all that grows.

Most of all I like fields filled with clover and all the plants and grasses that can take advantage of the enriched soil clover create. Such a field, large or small, is alive, and clover can feed the world.

Then, in a corner, I can try out some plants as living decorations.
If the plants I choose like it there they may grow to show their true potentials, and if not they probably don't belong there.

not a gardener.

Check out what meaning my name – Georg – has, and you will have a pretty good idea what relationship I have to all that grows. That in addition to what I write about it here and on other pages.

One thing for sure: I will never become your average gardener, or maybe that's just what I am…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 24.jul.2012
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