the photo­grapher…

…hiding in the shades.

It is easier to get reason­ably good pictures in the dark when the camera is kept in the shades, but this time I may have taken it a bit too far. Looks kind of nice with the lamp-light shining through and around the palm tree in my back yard though … it is amazing how well a 15 Watt lightbulb can split darkness.

I usually don't “compose” pictures all that much while taking them. I prefer to just take a lot of pictures while at a scene, and pick the ones I like amongst the 10-15% of all takes that turn out kind of OK.

night‐time decor­ations.

Decorative lights do look good in the dark – that's what they're made for I guess .

It is often such simple effects that work best through a lens, and pictures do lie you know.

Anyway, I like taking pictures around at my own place, where I am in control of main objects and most distractions, and if a picture happens to come out fine then all the better.

Images on this site are mostly sized rather small. That's mainly because I write and illustrate in a flexible layout and want some balance between elements regardless of viewing device.

I keep all high-resolution originals – also the not so good ones. Thus, if I ever see the need to swap images on site I can optimize quality with size.

it's a nice hobby.

I have many hobbies, and as such life itself is a hobby. Taking pictures and watching them over and over again later, and maybe touch up on one now and then, is one of the nicest and most satisfactory hobbies I can think of.

The one hobby I find more satisfactory than taking photos, is to turn off all electronic units and gadgets, forget about the world, and just walk around and watch the flowers grow. Nature is amazing.

Of course, watching isn't enough when one has a garden. All gardens need some maintenance if there shall be something to watch, and the garden that came with the house I bought has been left to itself for too long.

sincerely  georg; sign

Weeki Wachee 04.oct.2011
17.oct.2011 - added a note about "small size images".
last rev: 17.oct.2011

side notes.

daytime photos.

“Camellia” is slowly becoming my favorite plant. Can't wait for those buds to open.

Thought this old rose deserved her picture taken, so…

I cut this plant back to nothing 3 weeks ago, and look at it now.

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