web developers' links to the galaxy

across a multitude of screens and devices.

While waiting for internet connected implants to be inserted at birth for total control of “news and views” to the masses, we have little choice but to play with visual designs and services for the increasing number of internet connected devices we are being blessed with.

To help myself stay on track in visual web design car­pen­try while there is such a pro­fes­sion, I  put together this dev-link page.

my interests, my lists

We all have our favorite go-to places for checking up on progress across browser-land and make sure we interpret the latest standards right. The above are a few of mine at the moment, and subjects come and go with what projects I'm working on and what mood I'm in.

This link-page will not grow large, or get filled with links to every possible document related to subjects within my fields of interest. Most of the linked-to documents contain more than enough links for further reading, and I see no point in duplicating them.

May be able to design something that actually works across browser-land, one day…

sincerely  georg; sign

Hageland 16.oct.2016
last rev: 04.sep.2023

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