the world of distractions

keeping us occupied.

There are so many distractions in the world today, that they are literally negating each other in their fight for our attention – much the same way as inflation tends to negate wage raises.

All distractions – without exceptions – come in the same “buy me” form. Thus, whether it is about selling us useless stuff, political lies, personal opinions, or something “entirely different” (as if there was such a thing), nothing important gets lost if most of it gets drowned out in the endless stream that is aimed at us.

This stream of distractions serves the purpose of keeping us busy with keeping up, so we won't fall for the temptation to turn our focus onto matters that may be important in our lives. It takes conscious filtering to see through it all and sort out useful facts from all the garbage and noise, and that kind of conciousness isn't good for business.

day-to-day distractions.

All the “must have” nonsense found in ads and everywhere else in our societies, affect large masses. The “love of things” can become really strong under the constant barrage of offerings. To question the value of same “things” is an almost sacrilegious act…

Cultivating the need to have “the latest and greatest” of whatever, is of course a great way to distract us. It feels so great to get hold of things before anyone else does, and gloat about our fortune. And the next day we're at it again, in a constant hunt for that great feeling.

More and more we are distracted from listening to common sense when it comes to upholding our own health. The idea is that we should buy this and that “scientifically proven” snakeoil and treatment, and be cured from making conscious decisions for life.
Just remember to keep on paying for more of the same until it kills you, or else your very existence gets in the way of a very lucrative business model.

anything can be turned into distractions.

Quite important matters can be used as distractions, to keep us from focusing on other important matters. It is often a question of what we see as the lesser of many evils, and that is easy to manipulate. Politicians play that game all the time … it often seems like that is all most of them do.

Religions are powerful distractions too, and are used for all they are worth all over the world. Separating people into numerous religious and non-religious groups in order to control their minds and turn them against each other, really works wonders for the few in control.

The scientific and political wrangling related to finding and implementing solutions that can fix man-made climatic problems, can also be, and is, used as distractions by those in power. The goal is to stop or at least delay all real progress in the field, as working solutions to save our climate so the majority of us can continue to live good lives on this earth, will disturb existing business models – and they cannot have that.
Yes, the above sounds like a joke, but it isn't.

And once one line of distractions has worked its way through a society, the damage it has caused can, and will, be used as foundation for entirely new lines of distractions.
Such a business model is of course too perfect to ever be given up by those who stand a chance to gain from it, no matter the cost to everyone else.

don't look elsewhere for solutions.

If You think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.
— Dalai Lama

Those of us who want some­thing to change, must do some­thing to make it happen.
Not much use in sitting idle and wait for someone else to change it for us, as then it most likely won't happen.

Learning to recognise and sort out all kinds of distractions, is a good place to start on a personal level.
The skills needed to discriminate correctly between the useful, the unuseful, and the right out harmful stuff, and know what actions to take, may need to be developed and honed over time. Noone is born with all the right answers, and no education provides them.

It is all about making individual choices and following personal paths through life, and it is definitely better to develop personal discrimination rules for how to live in and deal with this world of distractions, than to indis­crimi­nately adopt anyone elses rules.

We have lives to live, and we may as well take some control of them ourself while we still have time.

Oh well, now I have distracted myself enough for today. Time for a nap or something…

sincerely  georg; sign

Mandal 18.jun.2016
last rev: 23.jun.2016

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